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In our last article, we discussed how to change the Contact Us information in the PrestaShop 1.5 sidebar. In this article, you will learn how to change the Contact Us information in the PrestaShop 1.5 footer. The default Prestashop 1.5 theme contains a Contact Us section in the footer with PrestaShop's information as a placeholder. The contact information in the footer includes the company name, business address, phone number and email address. You will want to alter this to display your own company contact information.

To change the Contact Us information in the PrestaShop 1.5 footer:

  1. Log into your PrestaShop 1.5 dashboard.
  2. Using the top menu bar, hover over the Modules tab and then click on the Modules selection from the popup menu.This leads to the module list page.
  3. Select Front Office Features from the Categories menu on the left hand side.
  4. Find the Block Contact Infos module from the list on the right hand side and select Configure. This block module directly governs the Contact Us portion of the footer.
  5. From here you simply change your company's contact information such as:

    * The business address in the PrestaShop 1.5 footer.
    * The phone number in the PrestaShop 1.5 footer.
    * The email address in the PrestaShop 1.5 footer.

    From there select the Update Settings button. After saving the changes, you will be able to view the new contact details on your PrestaShop 1.5 footer.

    Before After
    contact-footer-before contact-footer-after
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Section 10: How to change the Contact Us info on the right sidebar of PrestaShop 1.5
n/a Points
2015-12-20 5:36 pm

HiI've got a problem with edditing my contact infos. in the right column on my site, there are contact infos (like NIP, fax etc.) which I cannot edit. I've been looking in all modules, basic infos, I've tried to find it in php files - nothing.

Please help me.

my site is

43,761 Points
2015-12-21 4:59 pm
Hello Daniel,

Please check out out article on changing the contact info in the right sidebar.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-10-14 6:52 pm


hmm... it was so simple, as long as you know. Thanks really.


n/a Points
2014-10-14 6:38 pm

have a look at my site


at the bottom there is company info, ok. it will not update to show my info

11,186 Points
2014-10-14 6:40 pm
To edit that block, click on Modules, then search for the Contact Information Block. To the right of the title, you will see a down arrow. Click that and click Configure.
n/a Points
2014-10-14 6:02 pm


Hope you have more patience to help me.


I do not want to modify footer, I just want to put information in the footer.


Looks like it is not working properly at this time?


Appreciate your time, Thank you.




11,186 Points
2014-10-14 6:05 pm
We're always happy to help. What in particular are you trying to add?
n/a Points
2014-10-14 5:42 pm


It is a real hustle to post here with your site refusing to upload my comments and captcha hard to read.


All I want to do is to provide my company address on my website for the customers.


Finally I got to the point where to change it


PREFERENCES- STORE CONTACTS so input correct info and saved it but it will not show in the font.




11,186 Points
2014-10-14 5:49 pm
Each of your comments are posted, however, we need to manually approve them before they can be seen. Please see my above comment which described exactly how to change the particular block you are referring to.
n/a Points
2014-10-14 5:31 pm

just my store information, column on the right.?

11,186 Points
2014-10-14 5:48 pm
To edit that block, click on Modules, then search for the Contact Information Block. To the right of the title, you will see a down arrow. Click that and click Configure.
n/a Points
2014-10-14 5:22 pm

no it is

Preferences-StoreContakts. But will not update the site.

11,186 Points
2014-10-14 5:28 pm
What exactly in the footer are you trying to change?
n/a Points
2014-10-14 4:56 pm

I see it, but how can I change info in it?

11,186 Points
2014-10-14 5:20 pm
From there, you can then add or remove mules as well as edit any modules there.
n/a Points
2014-10-14 3:59 pm


it is totally different in new prestashop 16. any solutions? How to change info in the footer?



11,186 Points
2014-10-14 4:37 pm
To modify the footer, go to Modules, then Positions. You should see a section named Footer with various modules inside it.
n/a Points
2014-06-30 2:35 am

I looking for a solution that allows to add second address, phone#, email to Contact Us block. I typed the second address in second line (return) but the it starts at the first line.

Thank you,



43,761 Points
2014-06-30 9:23 am
Hello Arthur,

While you can add a second address, email address or phone number in the fields, you will not be able to control how they are displayed. They will simply be displayed as typed. The second address will most certainly display but it will be under the first address.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-06-30 2:12 pm

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your response and assuring me that it is impossible to edit  the second address and phone # entry.As a temporary solution I've used semicolon to separate phone #s and underscore to join the second address words to make them long that they jump to the second line.Best regards,Arthur


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