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Managed Virtual Private Servers are built on UltraStack for high-performance.

Top VPS Hosting Solution Benefits

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    Get next generation speed with NVMe SSD Storage

    Grow your business without congestion or slow performance. Our VPS Hosting is built with the fastest NVMe SSD storage and total data redundancy, creating an ideal environment for speed and reliability. Blending industry leading high performing hardware, advanced performance and scalability, you achieve maximum server performance over traditional slower SATA SSD - included free with all new managed VPS plans. Why is all of this important for your business? Because upgrading to InMotion Hosting managed VPS with free NVMe included is an easy way to boost your website performance and customer experience.

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    Flexibility and confidence in your VPS Hosting choice

    With every managed or unmanaged VPS hosting plan, you can be confident knowing you are getting the latest technology, dedicated resources, and flexibility. The amazing flexibility of managed VPS enables you to choose the perfect configuration for your business. A highly available unmanaged VPS gives the choice of operating systems with the confidence and trust to build your future.

    Find out how flexibility can help your business grow.
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    Free 2 Hours with Managed Hosting Experts

    Managed VPS Hosting customers get access to our trained system administrators. They help with advanced server customization, optimization, and support - whenever you need it.

    • Web hosting optimization
    • Virtual Private Server setup
    • cPanel and WHM control panel options
    • Migration of hosted Reseller websites

    Discover how Launch Assist can help get your business and server up and running quickly.

    For Managed VPS Hosting Plans Only.

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    Dedicated resources without the cost of an entire server

    The number one reason to choose VPS hosting is for the powerful dedicated resources. Every VPS web hosting account comes with dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage. Combine those with reliability, security, speed, and privacy, and you have a platform that is ready for heavy traffic and large-scale applications.

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Looking for Unmanaged Cloud Containers?

Cloud VPS is an unmanaged Linux server and is perfect for expert command-line users. Cloud VPS is the cheaper option, as it does not use cPanel or other graphical user interfaces (GUI), to manage the server. Without cPanel, more server resources are dedicated to running your web applications. Server OS updates, backups, and other server management tasks are also your responsibility.

The Cloud VPS platform gives you the freedom to configure your virtual machine to your exacting specs. To automate server tasks and workflows, system administrators can turn to frameworks like Ansible and Kubernetes. Take advantage of InMotion Hosting’s free Ansible Control Node and set up your server in just a few minutes.

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Austin V.
"Amazing customer service starts with comprehensive training. Our customer support teams get over 80 hours of training to give you the best customer support and experience."

"Amazing customer service starts with comprehensive training. Our customer support teams get over 80 hours of training to give you the best customer support and experience."

Austin V., Training
Austin V., TrainingAustin V., Training

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