AutoSSL and WHM: Use Web Host Manager to Automate Your SSLs

If you are a Reseller, or simply hosting multiple websites on a VPS or Dedicated Server, the cPanel’s built-in AutoSSL feature lets you provide HTTPS connections on all of your sites for free. If you have multiple sites, across multiple cPanels, with multiple customers, you don’t need to waste time going into every individual cPanel Read More >

How to Filter Incoming Emails by Country and Domain in WHM

Fast VPS server and Dedicated Server Hosting administrators can filter incoming email from specified countries, regions, and domains in WebHost Manager (WHM) to improve email security. This is a valuable option for your defense in depth strategy as it can block malicious emails before reaching any other spam filters in cPanel or the end user’s Read More >

WHMCS – “Use an existing domain and change the nameservers” Not Working

InMotion’s Reseller hosting lets you make money reselling hosting space. But what do you do if you get an error when trying to place an order? We’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll be learning about the following error: “Use an existing domain and change the nameservers” Not Working You may have encountered this Read More >