How to Check Versions in WHM

It’s important to keep recent software updates running on your VPS. In this article, we will show you how to check versions for the cPanel software available in your managed VPS server. How to Check WHM Version How to Check Your Centos Version Update Preferences for cPanel and WHM Be Sure to Keep Your System Read More >

Mailserver Configuration Options in WHM

Your Mailserver is used to transmit all emails that are sent or received between you and other people. Since there are many different ways to manage a Mailserver, we will show you how to access the available options and go over some of the primary settings. Follow along to learn how to configure your Mailserver Read More >

How to Work with Feature Lists in WHM

When you create new packages for your cPanel accounts within WHM, you assign a feature list to that specific page. A Feature list is exactly what it sounds like; a list of features that each cPanel account has. This article pertains to WHM, a feature only available to VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Reseller Hosting Read More >

Setting the Max Emails Per Hour Setting in WHM

Our Shared Hosting accounts have a maximum hourly email limit of 250. This means that no account can send out more than 250 emails per hour. This limit is removed for VPS and Dedicated Hosting, however. This means that domains on those accounts can send out an unlimited amount of emails per hour. While this Read More >

WHMCS Error – Order Cannot be Created

As you know, Reseller hosting gives you the ability to make money reselling hosting space. However, as with any program WHMCS can throw errors once in a while. In this article, you will learn how to fix the following error: An order cannot be created because no products or domain registration items have been selected Read More >

WHMCS – Invalid TLD/Registration Period Supplied for Domain Registration

InMotion’s Reseller hosting lets you register domains for clients. However, this process can generate errors and interrupt proper registration. In this article, you’ll learn how to fix this error: Invalid TLD/Registration Period Supplied for Domain Registration This error occurs when prices have not been set for a customer’s currency. For example, if a customer is Read More >

WHMCS – Domain Checker Reports False Availability

As an InMotion Hosting reseller, you are able to register domains to customers through WHMCS. However, if you are getting errors, you are best advised to check your logs for more information before contacting support. Domain Checker reports domains available when they are registered The most probable cause for this error proves to be a Read More >

WHMCS – “There was an error in your request”

In this article, we’ll be looking at the WHMCS “error in your request” error. What does the “There was an error in your request” error mean? Are there ports blocked in my reseller server? Power your own hosting business with InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting Plans. Reasons for the “There was an error in your request” Read More >

How To Enable WHMCS File Attachments

In this article, you will learn about file attachment types. What are they? How do you enable them? Attachment file types are files you specify as acceptable for attachments in ticket replies. For example, if you want your ticket submitters to be able to attach images of their issues or errors they’re seeing, you will Read More >

WHMCS Error “You Are Not Assigned”

In this, article we’ll be addressing the “You are not assigned to any ticket department” error in WHMCS. The procedure for solving this issue is as follows: Go to the setup area. Select administrator users. Edit your user. Assign departments. Learn why this error occurs. Follow along with the steps below to complete this tutorial. Read More >

WHMCS “Department Not Found” Error

Managing support requests for your users is an important part of your web hosting reseller strategy. The errors described below are related to issues that can arise in your support department. Whether you’re a full team or a single admin operation, you will want to deal with errors as they may arise. The errors are Read More >

How Many cPanel Accounts Do I Have?

In this article: How Many cPanel Accounts Do I Have? Using WHM with Root Access Using WHM with Reseller Access How Many cPanel Accounts Do I Need? This article describes how to use Web Hosting Manager (WHM) to determine how many cPanel accounts you are using. It also covers how to view bandwidth and disk Read More >