ClamAV or ImunifyAV Free – Which 1 is the Best cPanel Antivirus Scanner

Antivirus, anti-virus, AV, or anti-malware scanners protect users from uploading and using malicious data on your Linux VPS. While your choice of Linux operating system (OS), or distribution (distro), can change the probability for successful cyber attacks, it won’t negate it altogether. There are many free AV scanners for every OS including Bitdefender, MalwareBytes, and Read More >

Install Splunk on Linux – Complete Setup Guide

We have many guides on securing common web hosting solutions: cPanel servers, bare cloud servers, and even the popular WordPress content management system (CMS). Each includes great technical controls for a proactive approach to defense in depth. However, nothing can detect and prevent everything. The only way to address this is to apply administrative controls, Read More >

How to Open a Port in UFW

UncomplicatedFirewall (UFW) is a command-line frontend iptables manager, similar to Firewalld and ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF). It’s beneficial to understand basic UFW commands since it’s pre-installed with many Ubuntu-based operating systems (OSs) including Linux Mint. Those configuring UFW for a desktop system who prefer not to use the CLI can use the GUFW GUI Read More >

How to Stop and Disable Firewalld

Firewalld is a popular, lightweight command-line firewall for Linux server and desktop systems. We’re covered how to open necessary ports and services in Firewalld. We’ve also covered how to manage zones and more advanced Firewalld configurations. From the configuration guide, one of the most important related tasks for troubleshooting server access is how to disable Read More >

How to Open a Port in Firewalld

After you install Firewalld, the first thing you’ll likely want to do is open a port to connect with web applications on your Linux server. Only dhcp6-client and SSH are enabled by default. However, opening ports with Firewalld is an easy process. The first reason for this is the commands are straight-forward and easy to Read More >

How to Install Firewalld on Linux

Firewalld is a front-end manager that allows users to easily manage Linux firewall rules. It has become a popular option for securing Linux web hosting servers throughout the last few years. It’s installed by default on many newer Linux distribution releases. An unique advantage to the command-line interface (CLI) application is that ruleset changes are Read More >

How to Configure Firewalld (Basic Commands)

Installing Firewalld grants a long list of commands available for configuring iptables rules. But there are a few tasks you should understand to get started with securing your server. Below we cover: Basic Firewalld CLI Commands Change Firewalld status Runtime Vs. Permanent Reload Firewalld Firewalld Zones Firewalld Services Firewalld Ports Panic mode Firewalld raw files Read More >