Purchasing an SSL Certificate from eNomCentral

As a Reseller, you will most likely have customers that require SSL certificates for their websites. You can purchase SSL’s from the InMotion Store, then install them for your customers. Resellers also have the option of using FreeSSL certificates with their domains. For more information, please see How to Add FreeSSL Certificates to Reseller Accounts. Read More >

Make Changes to ID Protect (Domain Privacy) in eNomCentral

ID Protect (domain privacy) is typically added or not added through eNomCentral when a reseller registers a domain. Changes to the ID Protect settings are made through the eNomCentral account interface. Follow the steps to learn more about changing ID Protect(domain privacy) settings in eNomCentral. Sign up for InMotion’s Reseller Hosting solution to sell hosting Read More >

eNom Sub-Retail and Sub-Reseller Accounts

Per eNom, all Sub-Reseller accounts created underneath another Sub-Reseller will be migrated to the parent reseller on June 19, 2020. The creation and management of Sub-Reseller accounts created underneath another Sub-Reseller will no longer be supported. Sub-Reseller accounts will still retain the management options for Sub-Retail accounts. Notification of this action started on May 12, Read More >