Spam Experts – Train Email as Spam

Date: 11/8/19          Time to read: 1:10 In this article: Train Spam Experts to recognize a spam email Spam emails generally have very obvious flags that make them easy to identify. However, there are emails that occasionally leak through the spam filters. Spam Experts lets you train the filter so that it can identify these emails. Follow Read More >

Whitelist a Domain in Spam Experts

Date: 11/8/19          Time to read: 3:30 In this article: Learn to Whitelist a Domain You may occasionally want to make sure that emails from a domain are never blocked by Spam Experts. The process of making this exemption is called whitelisting. You should only make exemptions when it’s necessary. Making too many exemptions will make Spam Read More >

What Are Taxonomies and When Should You Use Them?

The word “taxonomy” sounds complicated and technical, but it’s actually simple and is encountered on almost every website you visit. To put the definition in basic terms, taxonomies in WordPress simply group related content pieces together for easy navigation. Your website likely has various products, services or articles to choose from, so having them organized Read More >

Which WordPress Themes are Best for Reseller Accounts?

Building websites for your clients can be tricky since you have to leave a lot of room for flexibility. You want to start from a template to standardize some processes, but customization is always going to be a top priority for a small business website. As a WordPress reseller, choosing premium themes is a necessity Read More >

What Are the Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Owners?

WordPress is a great content management system, or CMS, to build your website with. But sometimes, you might wish to get more out of your website, from efficiency (like security scanning) to productivity (like SEO alerts as you write new content). Using WordPress for your business website gives you the ability to use plugins. These Read More >

Which WordPress Themes Are Best For VPS Accounts?

VPS hosting is often considered to be both dedicated hosting and shared hosting. It allows users to operate multiple virtualized systems on one machine, which provides a great amount of flexibility. When it comes to choosing the best WordPress theme for VPS accounts, premium themes are usually the top option. One of the main reasons Read More >

The Dedicated Opcode Cache Pool for WordPress

Date: 11/7/2019         Time to read: 2:10 In this article: What is Opcode caching? How Opcode Benefits Users How to use Opcode Caching When you discuss caching you’re generally working towards the goal of optimizing processes so that things are faster. InMotion’s WordPress Hosting uses an optimized stack configured with Nginx with the goal of providing a Read More >