6 Ways to Learn More About Cybersecurity

Learn about cybersecurity | InMotion Hosting

Since cyber attacks have become more frequent within recent years, a strong cybersecurity posture has become an important part of branding and marketing products. Cybersecurity isn’t as easy to ignore as user experience (UX) for ease of use or accessibility for disabled users. Reminders that cyber attacks are real, frequent, and devastating for all victims are constant, sometimes to a point where we’re desensitized to the subject.

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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Privacy Policy Updated

Why it's important to keep your privacy policy updated  |  InMotion Hosting

When you think about Privacy Policies, you probably dread the thought of reading through endless amounts of “legalese” that the average human being tries to avoid at all costs.

Oftentimes, these policies are hidden under layers and layers of content on websites. And for many, this is for good reason: businesses are not inclined to incorporate 100-page policies on websites meant to convey an enticing brand for current and potential customers. 

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