What is Reseller Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting? title image

When people hear the term “reseller hosting” it is typically met with stares of confusion. To make it easier to understand, this article answers the most commonly asked questions in regards to this type of web hosting.  Providing a web hosting service to your clients is usually the focus of a web hosting company, but with reseller hosting, you become the host and you determine how you will charge and support your clients.

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Discord Administrator Guide

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While it is relatively easy to create a new Discord server, the task of acting as a Discord administrator is a bit more complex. Managing server settings, user roles, and moderating content are just a few of the tasks that most Discord administrators will run into at one point or another. In this article we will explore some of the features available to Discord administrators and discuss some considerations you may need to make when creating your own Discord community. 

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How to Blog for Small Businesses: Best Practices for Business Blogs

blogging for businesses

You’ve heard it time and time again. To increase traffic and business to your website, create a blog. However, if you’re going to create a blog, you need to make sure you’re implementing it correctly in order to reap the benefits. This article will walk you through the best practices for business blogs so you can blog with your best foot forward. 

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Business Startup Checklist


There are some advantages with providing web hosting to 170,000+ customers over the past 20 years. As small business owners ourselves once, we sought out to create a web hosting company that speak TRULY to those looking to create a solid website that represents the the digital home to their brand.

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InMotion Hosting Reseller Hosting vs Resellerclub

InMotion Hosting Reseller Hosting vs Resellerclub

If you are considering InMotion Hosting reseller hosting vs Resellerclub, you will be interested to know that InMotion Hosting offers far more with its plans than Resellerclub.

Whether you want a free dedicated IP address, custom nameservers, or the security of an unmatched 90-day money-back guarantee, InMotion Hosting’s reseller hosting plans are loaded with features and perks that Resellerclub can’t offer.

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InMotion Hosting Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Big Sale

InMotion Hosting Celebrates 20th Anniversary title image

InMotion Hosting Celebrates 20 Years of Providing Great Products, Services, and Support.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA – InMotion Hosting, the industry leader in premium web hosting and customer support, is celebrating 20 years of empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. For two decades, InMotion Hosting has helped drive small businesses by providing great products, services, and support in a commitment to the success of their customers. 

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Green Data Center Solutions

green data center hero image

As the demand for reliable data center infrastructure grows, green data center solutions have been implemented to offset the potential environmental impact of data center operations. These solutions involve the use of highly efficient technology as well as green energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal to power data center operations. In this article we will discuss a few ways modern data centers are taking advantage of advancements in sustainable data center solutions. 

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