JetPack Plugin Provides the Security a WordPress Website Needs

JetPack Plugin Provides WordPress Security

Think it’s easy to tell when your WordPress website is hacked? That’s a common misconception. Depending the way the hacker gained access, your website could look absolutely normal, and stay looking that way for months or years without you knowing your website has been hacked. Sometimes a hacking involves small changes, like links and other minor code changes.
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What Is JetPack, and Do I Really Need It?

What is Jetpack for WordPress?

We recently announced that JetPack is now included with all of our WordPress hosting plans. We are thrilled about the feature-set JetPack brings and how it will benefit our WordPress customers. You may be wondering, What is Jetpack? Do I really need it for my WordPress site? Today, we’ll share about the JetPack plugin and the power and flexibility that it offers.
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JetPack is Coming to WordPress Hosting!

Each day, we are thrilled to see the beautiful websites hosted on our WordPress hosting, and it inspires us to continually work to improve our products. As an active contributor to the WordPress community, we asked for feedback on how to make our WordPress hosting even better. We heard the need for increased security, easy backup solutions, and easier ways to publish content to social media.
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