How to Create a WordPress Site

Small Business Owners Guide To WordPress

Small Business Owners Guide to WordPress

Learn how to create and grow your WordPress site

This comprehensive guide is designed to give Small Business Owners of all skill levels the resources needed to create, connect and grow a WordPress website. The more time you spend with this book, the more comfortable you’ll be with WordPress as your tool of choice.

Whether you need help installing WordPress for the first time, disabling your WordPress cronphp, or finding the best WordPress Hosting – this guide to WordPress has you covered with relevant articles to assist you throughout every step of your WordPress journey.

By the end of this book, you will be able to do the following:

  • Install WordPress and Login to your Dashboard
  • Troubleshoot Login Issues
  • Easily Change Your Website URL
  • Customize Your Website Name and Hero Images
  • Add a Form to your Site
  • Schedule Backups
  • Enable SSL and Install Security Plugins
  • Optimize your Site
  • … and so much more!
Small Business Owners Guide to WordPress book cover