How to Start Your Career as a Web Developer and Succeed in the Digital World

How to Start Your Career as a Web Developer and Succeed in the Digital World

Web development is an in-demand and popular skill in today’s digital age. The field provides several career opportunities and an incredible potential for growth. However, you must hone your coding abilities if you want to succeed as a web developer. But the challenge is that learning programming isn’t for everyone, and the syntax of each programming language differs.

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Best HTML Editor Review (For Beginners and Experts)

What is the best HTML editor?

Choosing an HTML editor is not a brain teaser. But it is important. An HTML editor is a program that lets you edit HTML (and other web languages) in plain text so that they can be interpreted by a web browser. Basically, an HTML editor is your ticket to creating content for the web. It’s also a powerful tool. With an editor, you can build just about any kind of website you can imagine. And most of the best HTML editors are free. But, if you want premium features and fewer hours spent on personal configuration, you have some attractive options as well.

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GitHub vs Bitbucket – Version Control Sites Compared

GitHub vs Bitbucket

How do you choose between two popular, richly feature-packed version control services: GitHub vs Bitbucket? In this article, you’ll get a few simple points of reference that will help you decide. You may decide that neither of the above options are right for you, and a self-hosted private server answers the call. Either way, by the end of this article you should have all the data you need to make up your mind.

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Set Up an Impressive Portfolio Page

Set up a Portfolio Page title image.

When you’re just getting started as a web designer, finding your first few paid gigs can be a struggle. If you don’t personally know anyone who needs help with a website, putting your name out there is daunting. The best thing you can do is to build a portfolio page that showcases your skills and talents. Below, we’ll cover some tips on how to use your portfolio page to get customers.

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6 Alternative Web Servers You May Have Missed

Alternative web servers

Choosing a web server is about much more than picking something to generate HTML. A web server can do all sorts of interesting things. At the end of the day they all serve a website to someone requesting it. But there’s so much that can happen along the way. Think about what you need from a web server that might make your website programming and maintenance easier for you, and then find out where and how the web server can help. Chances are you’ll find some alternative web servers that uniquely fits your requirements. And they’re all free, so it doesn’t hurt to look and try and test. Most of these alternative web server apps run great in a container environment or virtual machine.

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JetBrains PhpStorm Examined: Master the Whirlwind

PHPStorm Review

The old argument about integrated development environments (IDEs) vs text editors continues to rage on. And of course, everyone has their unique preference. The most popular IDE continues to be Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSC). But for those who are willing to pay for an IDE, the JetBrains products bring in some stiff competition. In this review, we’re going to take a look at the web IDE, PhpStorm. For anyone who does any kind of coding for the web, PhpStorm brings in everything you could want, with unique support for all the languages used in web apps: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, (of course) PHP, and more.

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Can You Make an Impact With Free JavaScript?

Using free JavaScript

Many websites on the “modern” web use JavaScript to create a more interactive experience. However, this extra interactivity can cause performance issues not only for the website but for your personal computer as well. But beyond the performance issues, non-free JavaScript (that is, proprietary JavaScript with obfuscated code) can create security and privacy concerns for users. Many web users (and developers) would prefer to use free, open source JavaScript, so that they know what the code is doing, and can have the code independently reviewed — if desired. For many, it’s always better to have options.

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Rolling Out Moodle For Remote Education

Rolling out Moodle for remote learning. | InMotion Hosting

Moodle is a popular, open source learning management system (LMS). The goal of the Moodle project is to provide a tool for educators and businesses to create online courses.

As the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in massive closures of public and private educational institutions, educational materials have swiftly moved online. Moodle is one of many popular LMSs available to help educators keep learning going in the interim.

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