5 Ways to Start Securing Your Dedicated Server

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A Free Guide to Securing Your New Server

Getting started with a new dedicated server can be an overwhelming experience. Aside from planning what to do with your machine, you are probably wondering how you can secure it against cyber attacks. In addition to firewalls and virus scanners, you are probably wondering what else can be done to protect your valuable data and server infrastructure.

In an attempt to help new users start their server security posture on the right foot, we have produced a free ebook that explores some of the basic concepts of dedicated server security. In it, we discuss a variety of threat mitigation techniques as well as some fundamental considerations to make when setting up your server’s security configuration for the first time.

In this ebook, we cover 5 critical steps to secure your dedicated server environment.

  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Hardware and Software Firewalls
  • IP Firewall Rules
  • DDoS Protection
  • Data Center Security
Dedicated Server Security eBook Cover