The Best WordPress 5.3 Updates for Your Website

Date: 11/08/2019          3 Minutes to Read In this article: Gutenberg Editor Updates Twenty Twenty Default Theme Improvements in Site Health Status Other Notable WordPress 5.3 Updates There has been a lot of anticipation with the release of WordPress 5.3. This version of WordPress has been tested for months and business owners and developers alike are Read More >

Which WordPress Version is Best for Your Needs?

Date: November 29, 2019          3 Minutes to Read When WordPress releases an update or a new version, business owners have to decide whether to continue using their current version or proceed with upgrading. Operating with the latest WordPress version provides you with additional features, functionality and security. This article explains why you should always update WordPress Read More >

System Admins: Here is How to Determine How Many PHP Workers You Need

Date: 11/20/19     3 Minutes to Read In this article:  The Type of Website Makes A Difference What Happens if You Don’t Have Enough PHP Workers? WordPress Hosting Plans Help Determine The Right Number of PHP Workers In many ways, a PHP worker plays a significant role in how fast your website is for Read More >

Why A Duplicate WordPress Page Is Perfect For Development And Testing

Small Businesses duplicate WordPress pages for development testing

Date: 11/27/19     3 Minutes to Read Have you ever wished you could test new plugins, make design changes or create other tweaks to your WordPress small business website without any consequences? The good news is you can easily make a duplicate of a WordPress page without fear. This article discusses the importance of Read More >

How to Set WP Cerber Security Notifcations

Date: 08/07/2019 2 Minutes to Read In this article: WP Cerber Notifications Strong Email Authentication Your website truly is more secure with VPS Hosting. cPHulk brute force protection, ConfigServer & Firewall (CSF), and Scheduled cPanel backups safeguard your data and peace of mind in various ways. Yet those tools have one important thing in common Read More >

WP Cerber Global Settings to Restrict Website Access

Date: 08/15/2019 2 Minutes to Read In this article: WP Cerber Global Settings A WordPress plugin that restricts visitors to an “under construction” or login page can be helpful depending on the type of website. However, that plugin likely isn’t security-focused. And it serves no purpose until you need that maintenance page. That’s not the Read More >

WP Cerber Security Antispam and Bot Detection Settings

Date: 08/23/2019 | 2 Minutes to Read In this article: Antispam Settings reCAPTCHA As we stated when covering WP Cerber Security hardening options, the plugin can replace other WordPress security plugins. In that article, we discussed replacing the maintenance page as an example. This time we replace the WordPress Heartbeat API and reCAPTCHA plugins. WP Read More >

WP Cerber Security Tools

Date: 08/16/2019 2 Minutes to Read In this article: Export & Import Settings Diagnostic Info Logs Plugin Update Changelog License for Paid users These tools display info for troubleshooting and options for plugin setup. The WP Cerber Security WordPress plugin is a versatile security suite including an IP access list, automated email notifications, and other Read More >

How to Build a Post in WordPress

WordPress includes two main content types when it is installed: a Post and a Page. A post is a chronologically ordered entry that is typically used to interact with your website visitors. Though it is frequently customized for many different site-building solutions, the post is still the foundation of your WordPress site. Follow the steps Read More >