Can You Undo a Commit In Git?

Can you undo a commit in Git? There are many instances in which you may want to reset your current working directory to a former state, marked by a commit, tag, or other “treeish.” The “reset” command can be destructive and wipe out your work. Be very careful when using this command. Git is incredibly Read More >

Git Clone Quick Start Guide

The git clone command allows you to basically bring a Git-controlled project into your local computer. Most of the time, you’ll be Git cloning projects hosted on GitHub or elsewhere. No matter what source you’re cloning, the command and options will stay the same. When you clone a project, you take in the current commit Read More >

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Git Config Recommended Settings

“Git config” is not only a concept but a command. When first starting out with Git, a few configurations must be made right away. You can provide these configurations by running a few commands, but as you continue to use Git for more and more projects, you may have need more advanced configurations. In the Read More >

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How to Create Your Own Git Server

There are so many Git hosting sites out there, including the popular GitHub, which acts as a hub for thousands of software projects. But for one reason or another, hosting your own git repository may be preferable. In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to do that on your own cloud VPS account. Why Create Read More >

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