How to Install ownCloud Apps

ownCloud community edition is capable of more than just sharing files. The ownCloud marketplace includes features for automation, collaboration, multimedia, security, external storage and more. Below we cover how to manage ownCloud apps. Install apps in ownCloud Manual Installation Uninstall apps Disable apps Purchase Softaculous Instant Installer for your Managed VPS to install ownCloud and Read More >

How to Log Into ownCloud

ownCloud file management software allows you to sync and access files with your web server for access anywhere. Installable with Softaculous, ownCloud community edition features include collaborative editing, mobile apps, suitability for Raspberry Pi, and many other add-ons available via it’s market. Below we cover how to log into ownCloud and recover your ownCloud password. Read More >

How to Use the MultiPHP INI Editor in cPanel

cPanel’s MultiPHP INI Editor lets you make configuration changes to your PHP settings. This complements the MultiPHP Manager, which lets you change PHP version of your sites. The MultiPHP INI Editor has two modes, Basic and Editor. Basic Mode Basic Mode allows changes to some of the most common PHP configuration changes with the ease Read More >

How to Hide Your NGINX Server Version

Banner grabbing is the act of scanning websites to find server information including services and open ports. This technique is used during vulnerability assessments. Hiding your server version from scanning tools makes it harder for hackers to know what vulnerabilities can be exploited on your server. We use many internal tools for enhanced server security Read More >

How to Register a Domain Name using Special Characters

InMotion Hosting provides the service to register domains in addition to hosting your website. You can register .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info top-level domains (TLDs), but the domains can only be registered using the English alphabet. So, how do you register domains that include special accent or diacritical marks? The answer is to use Read More >