Why is my Website Down?

If your website is not currently showing up when you try to visit it, there are a few different things that can be causing the issue. In this article, we will help you find out why your website is down.

Domain Checker

In this tutorial, we review many reasons your website may be down, ranging from dns to server issues. We are developing a new tool that attempts to automate the troubleshooting for many of the more common issues. You can use this tool here, or you can use the tool by entering your domain name below and clicking “Check Domain”.


Enter only your domain name, such as “example.com”. DO NOT include “www” or “https://”

Problem: My website will not show up at all

A website is generally “down” when:

  • You’re having an issue with your Internet Service Provider

    This is most likely not the cause if you’re reading this article online. If your Internet Service Provider is experiencing problems or your router is no longer working, you won’t be able to see any websites.

  • Connection issues between your ISP and us.

    There is a connection issue between your current location and our servers. When you visit any website, your request for that website is routed through several different routers. If one of those routers is down and no longer working, you may need to run a ping and trace route test to your domain and email our support@inmotionhosting.com with the results.

  • There is a problem with our servers.

    We monitor our servers 24/7. If there’s a problem, we’re generally already aware of it and working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

  • You recently updated your DNS or registered your domain.

    Any recent DNS changes can take up to 24 hours for these changes to take effect (aka DNS Propagation), so your website may appear down during this time. This includes newly registered domains as well.

  • InMotion Hosting changed your server / IP address

    There are some instances in which your account will be moved to another server, or the IP address of your server will be changed. Because of this, your site may not work for a few hours at most due to propagation. If you’re trying to connect to your server with software like Dreamweaver, try connecting using your server’s IP address as the server name instead of your domain name.

  • You spelled your domain wrong when typing it in.

    It happens to the best of us! Check the URL and make sure it is correct.

  • Your IP address has been blocked from the server

    Our System Administration team at times may block IP addresses from the server for several different reasons. If you are not able to get to your website, but other people can, your IP address might be blocked. In this case, please contact Tech Support, and provide them with your IP address. There are many different ways to get your IP address, here are a couple:

    • The easiest way is to visit our IP Checker tool. Your IP address will be displayed on top of the page.
    • You can also use a Google Search. In the search box, simply type “IP Address” and hit search. Google will return your IP address at the top of the search results.

Problem: My website is showing an error message

There are different types of error messages that can cause a website to be down.

  • 403 Forbidden Error:

    This is typically a permissions issue. If your website file or folder is set to “777” the error will display to protect it against hackers and attacks. Files should be set to “644” and folder are usually “755” or “750”

    Further information on 403 errors may be found at the following:

    403 Forbidden Error

  • 406 Not Acceptable:

    This error is usually caused by mod_security settings on your account. By default mod_security is enabled on all accounts. Some programs require mod_security be disabled. To disable you can contact our support department by emailing support@inmotionhosting.com

    Further information on 406 errors may be found at the following:

    406 Error – Not Acceptable

  • 500 Internal Server Error:

    500 errors are usually general errors. These sometimes can be related to file permissions or incorrect coding in the .htaccess file. IF you need help with a 500 error please feel free to contact support.

    Further information on 500 errors may be found at the following:

    500 Internal Server Error

  • “Server Not Found”, “The Page Cannot Be Displayed”.

    For more help with these errors, please see the information above, under “Problem: My website will not display at all”.

Problem: My website loads but says “This Account Has Been Suspended”!

If your account is currently suspended, please contact support so you can speak to one of our System Administrators to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Our System Administrators are available via phone at 1-888-321-HOST, or responding the the suspension email that you will receive to your primary email address.

Further information on account suspension may be found at the following:

“This site is currently Unavailable” My Website is suspended
Account suspensions

Thoughts on “Why is my Website Down?

  • my website is down. This is URGENT!!!  I have an art exhibit tonight and advertising it. It will be a disaster if the website won’t up in the next hour! Please Please help with this 

    • Hello, sorry to see you are experiencing issues with your website. Unfortunately, we are limited in the support we can provide from the public forum. However, I have reached out to our Customer Loyalty department to reach out to you for further assistance. I hope this helps!

  • My menu categories are not working. I moved my site from kulanini.wordpress.com to kulanini.org and imported all my data successfully. I then changed the slugs for each of the posts to be more SEO friendly, got some plug ins, wrote a brand new post to launch my site and thought it was all okay. Friends began telling me they were receiving 404 errors when they try access other categories that had posts from the old site and even old posts under the same category as this new post was in. 
    As much as this category doesn’t have an error, there are still several posts its missing since its only showing the new post. I don’t understand why the old posts won’t show yet they were showing before even after changing the slug. 

    Please help. Site been down for three days

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