Getting Started With ImunifyAV cPanel Plugin

ImunifyAV FREE has a malware scanner for cPanel servers. Similar to the ClamAV cPanel plugin, which has less features than it’s command line interface (CLI), ImunifyAV allows Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel users on Managed VPS / Dedicated servers to scan files and manage found malware. But ImunifyAV FREE includes more features: Automatic background Read More >

How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Mattermost

The RSSFeed Mattermost plugin allows channels to updated on news from related news sources without having to manually check websites on your own. WordPress, Drupal, and many other content management systems (CMSs) have built-in RSS feed capabilities to help improve branding and outreach. RSSFeed allows you to take advantage with common RSS feed viewer features Read More >

How to Install Mattermost Plugins and Integrations

Mattermost has an ever-growing list of available plugins and integrations in the Plugin Marketplace to enhance your chat system as needed. For example, the Antivirus Mattermost plugin helps protect users from potentially malicious files. Below we cover how to: Enable Installing Plugins in Mattermost System Console Configuration File Install Mattermost Plugins and Integrations Plugin Marketplace Read More >

How to Configure Antivirus in Mattermost with ClamAV

ClamAV is a versatile antivirus program for server and desktop operating systems. With the Antivirus plugin, Mattermost can use ClamAV on a local or remote server to scan files before uploading them to channels. Below we cover how to: Install the Antivirus Mattermost Plugin Configure ClamAV Configure the Antivirus Mattermost Plugin Test ClamAV with the Read More >

How to Install NGINX on cPanel

In this article, we will outline how to install the popular NGINX web server software on your VPS or Dedicated Hosting account. Installing NGINX allows your web server to cache content and increase server performance. This ultimately translates into faster websites and better experiences for end users. The NGINX installation process requires both root WHM Read More >