How to Consolidate and Remove cPanel Accounts in WHM

Note that cPanel creation is no longer unlimited. For more information, please see cPanel Pricing Changes. You can see the pricing that now applies to cPanel licenses. To learn more about this change, please see our FAQ on cPanel Pricing Changes.

Merging and terminating cPanel accounts are the two most cost-effective ways to adjust to cPanel’s recent licensing changes. Many will decide that merging cPanel accounts and using addon domains is the most efficient method for managing multiple users and websites. There are many differences between a cPanel account and an addon domain to be aware of, though. The most important one is that an addon domain is managed within a cPanel account.

Before we begin, regardless of your choice, consider creating a cPanel backup just in case anything goes wrong or you need a certain file later.

Note: You’ll need root access before continuing.

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Merge cPanel Accounts

If you decide to merge cPanel accounts into addon domains, there are two ways to merge cPanel accounts:

Terminate cPanel Accounts

WebHost Manager (WHM) offers two ways to remove cPanel accounts. The first method is best if you only need to remove a single cPanel but may need to log into it to create a backup first.

  1. Log into WHM as the “Root” user.
  2. Under Account Information, click List Accounts where you can log into cPanels if needed.
  3. Click + beside a cPanel account.
  4. Click Terminate Account.
  5. Click Yes, remove this account.

Terminate Multiple Accounts

This method is faster if you have many cPanel accounts you simply need to remove. Maybe you already have an up-to-date scheduled cPanel backup from WHM or verified list of suspended cPanels. Whatever the case…

  1. While still in WHM, click Terminate Accounts from the left.
  2. Check the cPanel accounts you’ll want to remove.
  3. Click Remove selected accounts at the top.

Please contact our 24/7 Live Support if you need any further information regarding the best options for you or how to accomplish any of this. In the next guide, we’ll show you How to Configure WHM Contact Manager.

Learn more about cPanel management from our Managed VPS Hosting Product Guide.

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