Google Chat Administration

After setting up Google Workspace to use Google Chat, you can begin to modify certain aspects of the user experience if you have administrative privileges. Two important modifications include choosing between two different versions of Google Chat and enabling history logging of Google Chat messages. In this article we will outline how to perform these Read More >

What is Google Sync?

Google Sync is an automated utility that uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync 12.1 technology to synchronize data between Google services and mobile devices. The purpose of this utility is to streamline the syncing of data, allowing mobile devices to access and store information obtained from Google resources. In this article we will discuss Google Sync and Read More >

Google Workspace Computer Endpoint Management

Depending on the size of your organization, you may have a large number of computers connected to your Google Workspace resources. These connected computers, also known as endpoints, have access to your private Google Workspace data. As such, it is important to provide them with comprehensive security policies that will prevent unauthorized access to your Read More >

Google Workspace Mobile Endpoint Management

As organizations become increasingly dependent on mobile devices to keep teams and departments connected, the need for comprehensive mobile security is more present than ever. For organizations that use Google Workspace as their primary workflow resource, Google Endpoint Management is there to assist with this. In this article we will outline how to enable mobile Read More >

Using Google Cloud Search

If you use Google Workspace, you may find yourself struggling to locate information across Gmail, Google Docs, and other Google applications. To assist with this, Google created the Cloud Search utility to function as an internal search engine for Google Workspace and associated applications. In order to start using Google Cloud Search (GCS), you will Read More >

What is Google Cloud Search?

Google Cloud Search is an enterprise-oriented search utility that allows users to easily and quickly search through Google Workspace applications and related content. Instead of manually reviewing documents and individual applications, Google Cloud Search condenses all of that information into an easily accessible internal search engine. In this article we will discuss Google Cloud Search Read More >