How to Activate Your Google Workspace Subscription

Learn How to Activate Your Google Workspace Subscription

After purchasing Google Workspace, you will need to activate your subscription and verify your domain. You will then have access to the Admin Panel where you can manage your Google Workspace account.

This guide will show you how to activate your Google Workspace subscription.

Activate Google Workspace

  1. Login to AMP and scroll down to where your Google Workspace Subscription is listed. Click the blue Set Password button.
    Set Google Workspace Password
  2. You will then see a pop-up. Enter your password twice then click the Submit button.
    Enter Google Workspace Password

    A green popup message will notify you that “Your Google Workspace Administrator password has been set. This page will reload.
  3. You will then see a message stating “To continue, review and accept Google’s terms of service” and your Administrator Email listed.
    Important: This is the Administrator Email for your Google Workspace account. 
  4. Click the Google Admin Console button.
    Access Google Workspace Admin Console
  5. You will then be redirected to the Google login page.You should enter your Google Workspace Administrator Email as the username.
    If you are already logged into an account with Google, you may have to click your username.
    Select Google Workspace User

    Then click the Use another account option.
    Use Another Google Account
  6. Click the Next button.
    Enter Google Workspace Username
  7. Enter the Google Workspace password you set in AMP.
  8. You will see a “Welcome to your new account” page. Read the Google Workspace terms of service then click the Accept button.
    Accept Google Workspace Terms of Service
  9. You will see additional terms of service. Red through them then click the Accept Terms of Service button.
    Accept Google Workspace TOS
  10. You will then be logged into your Google Workspace Admin Console.
    View of Google Workspace Admin Panel

Now you know how to successfully activate your Google WorkSpace subscription. The final step is to create a CNAME record which is covered in our next guide on how to verify your domain with Google.

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