Easy Server Management

OS, cPanel and security patches updated automatically.

RAID Configuration

Improved database performance, I/O and faster data retrieval.

100% Customizable

Build a server to fit your specific business needs.

Secure & Reliable

99.99% network uptime and DDoS protection keeps your enterprise running smoothly.

SSD-Based Hosting

Get 20X faster hosting and more control with solid-state drives.

Multiple Data Centers

Choose between our data center locations to maximize your global reach.

30-Day Money-Back

Buy a dedicated server with confidence with our satisfaction guarantee.

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Enterprise Hosting Solutions FAQs

What is an Enterprise Server?

An enterprise server is a computer with programs that serves the needs of a large enterprise level business rather than a single user, department, or specialized application. An enterprise server is both the computer hardware and its software, the operating system. This pairing is great for company-wide applications that have to do many functions.

What is the definition of Enterprise software?

Enterprise software is software designed to meet the needs of a company or organization rather than individual users. Our Enterprise hosting solutions are built with software and hardware that fit the needs of large-scale businesses that need major security, speed and reliability.

How does your money-back guarantee work if I have prepaid for a year or more?

We want to provide our customers with a great experience, which is why we provide a 30-day full money-back guarantee for our Dedicated Servers. If you prepaid yearly, your refund will be prorated based on usage. No refunds are available for Remote KVMs.

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