Bare Metal Servers

Performance, Flexibility, Control.

Harness the power of the command line with full root access. The perfect balance between control, performance, power, and cost.

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Flexibility and Control

Experience total freedom with direct root access to your server.

Multiple OS Options

Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, or Load your own OS.

Fast, Secure, Reliable

Faster hosting, 99.99% uptime with a tier-1 network.

Fast, Secure, Reliable

Ultrafast hosting, DDoS protection, and 99.99% network uptime.

Multiple Data Centers

Choose your data center to maximize your global reach.

SSD-Based Hosting

Get the speed, control, and reliability of solid-state.

30-Day Money-Back

Money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction.

Included with Bare Metal Servers

Full Duplex Ethernet Uplink Connection

Handle your website’s heavy traffic, gigabit file transfers, and concurrent connections.

Multi-Layer Defense

Get Corero comprehensive defenses, integral to your company’s security.

Choose Your Own Operating System

Choose from Alma, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE or upload your own OS to your server.

Tier 1 Networks

Your visitors get dedicated connectivity that is reliable and consistent.

Smart Routing

Smart Routing™ Technology designed to dynamically provision & manage uptime.

SSH Key Management

Easily set up secure keys for encrypted access to your servers.

Root Access

Complete control and oversight from the command line.

Single-Tenant Servers

Get a bare bones, lightweight single-tenant server designated to your business.

IPs Included

Keep your business and ideas moving quickly with up to 15 free IPs included.

Multiple Data Centers

US and EU data centers provision all the resources dedicated to delivering 99.99% uptime for your visitors.

Enterprise-Class Hardware

Ideal commercial-grade hardware for essential production, heavy workloads and so much more.

Upgradable Hardware

Optional upgrades for your Bare Metal Server to meet the demands of your apps.

A Fast, Secure Bare Metal Server Hosting

Redundant Network

We have partnered with some of the best networking platforms to ensure that your business dependable.

Lumen – One of the fastest, most secure platforms for next-gen apps with enterprise technology and some of the best collaboration services.

GTT Communications Top Ranked, Tier 1 IP Backbone with a worldwide network that spans 600+ PoPs and six continents with service reach to more than 140 countries.

Cogent has a “self-healing” ring architecture that is designed to minimize outages and is constantly ranked within the top 5 network providers in the world.


Next Level Edge Defenses and Speed

Secure protection for your business is a 24/7/365 operation and unlike competitors. We utilize both Edge and Core routing to increase speed and redundancy boasting 5ms or better of latency and geared to maximize your security. We use enterprise routers in all of the data centers and partner with Corero to defend against DDoS attacks that lead to unplanned server outages.


High Performance at the Core

Your website speed, uptime, and performance are paramount. You get commercial-grade hardware to ensure your website is fast and data is secure.

At the core level, we utilize multi-layer, high-performance switches. The switches layer manages multiple scripts and APIs to dynamically route traffic within the network based on demand, helping ensure you stay online. 

 Top of Rack

Accelerated Bare Metal Server Performance

Your server delivers a rock-solid performance with fiber-optic links from the ISP directly to the top of your server rack. You get 1Gbps (1000Mbps) Ethernet uplink connection, ultra-low latency for a seamless connection to your content and higher transfer rates to handle concurrent and large up and download speeds.

Available Operating Systems

Expand your possibilities by choosing from a wider range of Linux operating systems for your next bare-metal server. Your server is a blank canvas, ready to be transformed with the power and flexibility of a popular Linux OS. Whether you prefer an Ubuntu server, a Fedora server, or a Debian server, we offer many options. Alternatively, you can load your very own OS and create the server of your dreams. Here’s a small sample list of pre-installed operating systems you can select from to deploy on your server.

  • Debian 8 *
  • Debian 9 *
  • Debian 10 Stable
  • Debian 11
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Alma Linux 8
  • Alma Linux 9
  • OpenSUSE *
  • CentOS 7
  • CentOS 8 Stream *

* Let our Sales Team know which OS you Prefer and launch today

Debian Logo Debian

Debian is renowned for its unwavering commitment to stability and reliability. It’s an ideal choice for critical applications due to its rigorous testing process and long-term support. The Advanced Package Tool (APT) simplifies software management, ensuring regular security updates. Debian’s extensive software repository offers versatility for various use cases, and its Long-Term Support (LTS) versions guarantee long-lasting server security.

Ubuntu Logo Ubuntu

Ubuntu excels in user-friendliness and versatility. It’s designed for configurability with robust performance and customization, catering to developers, system administrators, and Linux newcomers. With both community-driven and enterprise versions, it offers predictability through Long Term Support (LTS) and regular releases. Ubuntu’s active user community ensures abundant online documentation and support forums.

OpenSUSE Logo OpenSUSE

OpenSUSE is versatile and adaptable, emphasizing community collaboration and stability. OpenSUSE Leap, the stable variant, provides reliability for enterprise applications. YaST simplifies system administration, and OpenSUSE Leap Major Release lifecycle fully aligns with the SUSE Enterprise Linux, making it suitable for various server needs. The strong open-source community actively contributes to its development and documentation.

AlmaLinux Logo AlmaLinux

Almalinux OS (upgrade from CentOS 7) a community-driven, open-source Enterprise Linux distro, compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It’s an ideal choice for businesses seeking similar reliability, without RHEL licensing costs. Almalinux OS offers long-term support with timely security updates. Equipped with enterprise features and binary compatibility with RHEL allows for a seamless migration and suits various server applications. Its dedicated user and developer community provides extensive support and resources.

Free Ansible Control Node

Discover your new favorite way to deploy servers, by using Ansible, an open-source Automation Framework. Exclusive at InMotion, we include an Ansible Control Node with your first Bare Metal Server at no extra cost! Setup your server in just a few minutes using our curated Ansible UltraStack playbook.

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Ansible Logo

Agentless Automation

Ansible is known for its agentless architecture, which means it doesn’t require any software agents to be installed on the target servers or devices. This simplifies management and reduces the overhead associated with traditional agent-based solutions.


Ansible uses YAML-based playbooks to define the desired state of the system. This declarative approach makes it easy to describe how servers should be configured, ensuring consistency and repeatability across environments.

Broad Platform Support

Ansible provides support for a wide range of operating systems, cloud providers, and networking devices. This versatility allows you to manage and automate diverse infrastructure components from a single control node.

Idempotent Operations

Ansible playbooks are idempotent, meaning you can run them multiple times without causing unintended changes. This ensures that the system remains in the desired state regardless of how many times you execute the playbook.

Community and Extensibility

Ansible benefits from a vibrant community that contributes playbooks, roles, and modules. You can leverage this vast library of pre-built automation content to accelerate your tasks. Additionally, Ansible is highly extensible, allowing you to create custom modules and roles to suit your unique needs.

Security and Compliance

Ansible offers robust security features, including secure communication using SSH, support for role-based access control (RBAC), and secrets management integrations. It also aids in achieving compliance by automating security and configuration checks on target systems.

* Or Equivalent

Build a Custom Bare Metal Server

Custom build your Bare Metal Server to your precise specs and requirements.

Thousands of Configurations

More than just a Bare Metal Server.

Bare Metal Servers offer more than just a web hosting server. The evolution of the internet has changed the digital landscape. Build a server with any custom configuration you need for game server hosting, global content management applications or even an enterprise-grade host for sensitive data on your private network.

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Cost-Effective, Enterprise Grade

Let us create the best server for you.

We can help you build a cost-effective, enterprise-grade machine that seamlessly integrates into your existing network and painlessly supports your applications. Our technical sales experts will help you define your server needs and requirements. No contracts, straightforward billing terms, and fully transparent pricing. Speak with an expert now.

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Bare Metal Servers FAQs

What is a Bare Metal Server?

One of the key benefits of Bare Metal Servers is they are single-tenant physical servers with resources dedicated to a singular user (end-user, business, etc.). Unlike virtual private servers or hypervisor servers, the dedicated server does not share resources. Processing and computing power, RAM, storage, and other resources are reserved to the single tenant. Whereas, virtual private servers or cloud hosting are shared among other customers on the same machine  but in their own  virtualized environments. 

Also known as single-tenant servers, the server can be highly customized or specifically built for a singular or dynamic purpose. Typically reserved for the highly technical end-user, such as a system administrator, developer or network engineer, the machines can be overseen by a team of technical experts via a managed service or managed dedicated hosting plan. This allows the customer the freedom to focus on other areas of business while the technical team oversees Bare Metal Servers setup, updates and more.

To learn more about Bare Metal Servers, read this in-depth guide.

Why Use Bare Metal Servers?

Bare Metal Servers are extremely useful for a variety of needs for all sizes of business and any industry. Typically Bare Metal Servers are used by businesses with the highest needs for customization, performance, and security. The Bare Metal Servers can be highly customized with hardware, operating systems, and settings for multiple users. Highly experienced users are able to set specific settings, firewalls and access the server and the data.

The need for storage has also grown with more information and data being collected which drives the need to have a highly custom machine storing the data securely.

On a final note, companies and business owners are taking advantage of the infrastructure platform to automate. The Bare Metal Server environment can be set up to run Kubernetes, Ansible or containers.

How is your network setup?

InMotion Hosting utilizes both Edge and Core routing to increase speed and redundancy. We use enterprise routers in all of our data centers and partner with Corero to defend against DDoS attacks that lead to unplanned server outages. We use multi-layer, high-performance switches. These switches layer several scripts and APIs to dynamically route traffic within the network based on demand, helping ensure you stay online. We also use dual high-performance fiber optic links from the ISP to the top of our racks. This provides lower latency and higher transfer rates. InMotion Hosting also provides extremely fast 1Gbps (1000Mbps) Ethernet uplink connections on all of our Dedicated Servers.

Check our ping times as well

Los Angeles, US:
Washington D.C., US:

What software can I install on my Bare Metal Server?

You can potentially install any valid licensed software on your dedicated server with root access. Bare Metal Servers come with your choice of Unbuntu, Debian, or OpenSUSE. You can even load your own OS if your option is not listed. Furthermore, we offer optional Remote KVM access to enable Lights-Out Management (LOM) capabilities on your dedicated server.

Can I host games on my Bare Metal Server?

Yes, you can host games on InMotion Hosting’s bare metal servers. With command-line access, you can run scripts or use an Ansible playbook to set up your gaming server. By installing Ubuntu on your server, you can set up games like Minecraft. Learn more about installing Minecraft on your server in our support center.

How often do you monitor your data center and servers?

InMotion Hosting’s servers, network, and data centers are monitored by in-house system admins both on-site and remotely 24/7/365 days a year.

What type of RAID do you offer with your servers?

Every Dedicated Server has optional Software RAID configurations available. Our Elite and Commercial Class Line of Dedicated Servers come pre-installed with high-performance Hardware RAID cards to provide excellent data parity, performance, and multiple RAID configurations to support a wide array of options while allowing better data recovery than Software RAID in the event of a drive failure. Chat with technical sales to discuss a RAID solution that meets your needs.

What data center locations do you offer for Bare Metal Server Hosting?

InMotion Hosting provides Bare Metal Servers in our data center facilities in California and Virginia within the United States, along with a European data center located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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