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These gaming servers offer the best in security and performance. Customize your game or join large multiplayer games with a single click.

Fast, Secure, Reliable

Superior DDoS protection, 99.99% uptime Tier 1 network.

Fast Load Times

Spend more time gaming and less time on load screens with our processors.

Dream Bigger

Scale from a single village to a Kingdom with a single click.

Perfect for Minecraft

Choose your plan and launch your Minecraft server today.

Sandbox Server

Create a world with endless possibilities with these servers.

Customize Your Server

Load your own OS or choose from multiple OS options.

SSD-Based Hosting

Get the speed, control, and reliability of solid-state drives.

Popular Games Supported

Build your game server the way you see fit, from simple to advanced depending on how many people utilize it. Add mods, leaderboards, forums, and more to make your community as robust as you would like. Here are some games our servers can support.

  • Minecraft
  • Ark
  • Call of Duty Series
  • Counter-Strike
  • Half-Life Series
  • Quake Series
  • Rust
  • Team Fortress
  • Unreal Tournament
  • Valheim

Included In All Cloud VPS Plans

Choose Your Operating System

Handpick your Linux OS. Choose from Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS.

High Availability

Redundant hardware clusters dedicated, monitored & always on 24/7.

Top-Tier 1 Network

Enterprise-grade fiber optics feed data centers near IXP locations.

Server Snapshots

Use Live-State and Scheduled Snapshots to create real-time server images for easy rollbacks.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

A visual breakdown of your server’s RAM, bandwidth disk, and load usage.

Dedicated IP

Protect your online reputation and meet compliance standards.

Included In All Bare Metal Server Plans

Linux Support Experts

We are Linux Bare Metal Server hosting professionals that specialize in the LAMP stack.

Multi-Layer Defense

Get next-generation security and comprehensive defenses, integral to your server’s security.

99.99% Network Uptime

Smart Routing™ Technology is designed to dynamically provision & manage uptime.

Upgradable Hardware

Optional upgrades of your Bare Metal Server to meet the demands of your apps.

Gigabit Ethernet Uplink

Configured for your site’s heavy traffic, gigabit file transfers, and concurrent connections.

SSD-Based Hosting

Get the speed, control, and reliability of solid-state.

Game Server Hosting Benefits

  • Space to create a website and leaderboards for your community
  • Able to handle high traffic on demand and concurrent database connections
  • No issues with overheating
  • Significantly decreased lag issues
  • Easily deployable games with Ansible integration
  • Host a community forum for players to discuss quests, events, strategy, and chat

Game Server Hosting FAQs

What is a Gaming Server?

A gaming server is a persistent online gaming environment that is set up on a personal computer or within a server hosting solution, such as a dedicated server or a cloud server. By setting up your own gaming server, you have full control over the game software that is installed, as well as any modifications (mods) you may have installed to customize your experience.

In addition, you can control who is able to connect to the server, limiting server access to only your friends and other approved players. Using a dedicated gaming server requires more initial setup, but it provides a number of unique benefits not offered by “official” game servers.

Can I build a Custom Server for Gaming?

Customizing your server so that it is tailored to your specific needs is absolutely an option. Our team of server experts will help you pick out premium processors, storage and security options to have your server running at peak performance. Chat with our experts now!

Is Minecraft pre-installed on the game server?

Minecraft Server Hosting from InMotion Hosting comes with Minecraft pre-installed. You have full control over your Minecraft server to run any server versions, plugins, and mod packs you need. Our Minecraft servers run on cloud-powered VPS so you have dedicated resources like RAM and CPU and premium hardware like NVMe SSD storage for the best server performance.

It only takes about 5 minutes to purchase a Minecraft Server plan, configure your game panel and set up the game server instance.

Can I migrate my existing game to my new server?

After purchasing a package from the Managed Hosting team to handle your migration, you will be up and running with virtually no downtime. You can request a quote from the Managed Hosting team prior to migrating to InMotion Hosting.

What is included with the game server?

The Cloud VPS and Bare Metal Servers come with root level access. The servers do not come with cPanel or Control Web Panel, so they can be customized to your needs. Chat with our server experts to get started with your new gaming server today.

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