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Performance Redefined: Expertly Tuned WordPress Servers

Efficiently manage and scale your WordPress website from one powerful dashboard: Platform InMotion. Featuring blazing fast servers with 100% dedicated resources, advanced caching, 99.99% uptime, and a robust toolkit developed by WordPress experts.

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Save 25% on all monthly and yearly Platform InMotion plans. Experience the highest level of WordPress performance.

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Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Each plan includes one production WordPress site for optimal performance and security.

Platform InMotion – a New Way to WordPress

Fast WordPress Hosting on High-Performance VPS

High-Performance VPS

A fully-isolated server offering 40x faster WordPress hosting speeds with dedicated resources, root access, server caching profiles, and optimization tools. Improve Core Web Vital scores with NVMe, Redis, and UltraStack. All on high-availability servers with 99.99% uptime.

WordPress on VPS

Website Performance Audit

Expert WordPress Support

Get access to our Managed Hosting team to assist you with onboarding. We can help you migrate your website and leverage the technology on your VPS to optimize your page speed and Core Web Vitals scores. We’ll tune up new or existing WordPress sites for improved load times, interactivity, and visual stability.

Website Migrations

WordPress Hosting Playground Environments

Playground Environments

Create a fully functional WordPress site on demand with 1-click playground environments. Build new sites or safely work on a copy of your site. Playgrounds are a great way to test new plugins, themes, or debug code without breaking your live site.


Automated WordPress Site Maintenance

Protect your site from vulnerabilities with automatic WordPress updates. Safeguard your data with regularly scheduled backups, and optional remote storage. Restore your site or a single file when accidents happen, and safely roll back failed updates.

WordPress Maintenance

Automated Maintenance

Built for Speed and High Traffic Sites

Fully managed WordPress hosting on state-of-the-art VPS cloud servers.

High-Performance VPS

Our high-performance managed WordPress servers are configured to provide you with speed and reliability.

100% Dedicated Resources

Get more server resources to prevent slowdowns on even the most demanding websites.

UltraStack Fast

The ultimate server tech stack with Apache, NGINX Reverse Proxy, MySQL, PHP-FPM, Redis and PHP.

Real-Time Redundancy

Each production server has triple failover redundancy to keep your site online 24/7.

Business-Ready Managed WordPress Hosting

 For Agencies

Spin up new client sites faster than ever before with time-saving website optimization and workflow tools.

  • Manage Multiple WordPress Sites
  • Automate WordPress Updates
  • Fast & Reliable Cloud Servers
  • Collaborate with Staff & Clients
  • Shorten Website Production Timelines

WordPress for Agencies

For Business

This is WordPress made simple. Get the performance your business site needs and the tools your team wants.

  • WordPress Pre-Installed
  • Collaborate with Staff
  • Automate Website Backups
  • One-Click Management Tools
  • WordPress Optimized Servers

WordPress for Business

 For eCommerce

Give your customers a superior online experience. Host your online store on a platform that’s fast, secure, and reliable from day one.

  • Fully-Isolated Cloud Servers
  • Caching Profiles for Fast Load Times
  • Dedicated IP Address & Free SSL
  • PCI Compliance Compatible

WooCommerce Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting FAQs

What's included on InMotion Hosting’s new Managed WordPress plans?

Our new managed WordPress web hosting plans combine powerful VPS hosting with time-saving maintenance tools in an all-in-one platform.

Premium Managed WordPress Hosting – Purpose-built high-availability WordPress hosting optimized for fast and reliable WordPress sites. Each fully-isolated VPS boasts 100% dedicated resources and leverages our custom UltraStack infrastructure.

Improve Site Speed – Our higher-end Managed WordPress plans use NVMe SSDs that offer up to 40x faster I/O than traditional HDDs. Improve your Core Web Vital scores with NGINX reverse proxy, PHP-FPM, Redis, and dedicated caching pools.

Manage Sites from One Dashboard – Platform InMotion makes it easy to manage your WordPress sites. Our custom dashboard completely replaces the need for cPanel to manage websites, domains, email, and more. With a few clicks, you can perform essential website management tasks. Install themes and plugins, manage backups, and enable caching.

Playground Environments – Create a WordPress site on demand with 1-click playground environments. Use your playground as a development or staging environment. Troubleshoot issues, fix errors, and add new features without breaking your live site.

Rapid Website Development – Build, update, launch, and maintain websites in record time with Platform InMotion. Each plan offers playground environments to support development work. Migrate any WordPress site directly to your VPS and go live the same day with a few clicks.

Multi-User Access – Collaboration is easier than ever with Teams. Invite developers, marketers, and clients to work on Projects together. Manage access and permission levels to website environments, domains, billing, email and more.

Advanced Security – Shield your website from bad agents, malware and DDoS attacks from day one. All plans include a fully-isolated VPS, root access, free dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Expert technical staff manage server updates, firewalls, and security patches using Ansible playbooks.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is a specialized service tailored for WordPress websites. It prioritizes optimized performance with finely-tuned servers, automatic updates for WordPress core, plugins, and themes, robust security measures, and expert support for all things WordPress. Scalability ensures your site can easily accommodate growth, and you’ll have access to WordPress-specific tools, automatic backups, optimization plugins, and the invaluable expertise of a hosting provider who truly understands the unique needs of WordPress users. In essence, managed WordPress is a hassle-free, secure, and high-performance hosting solution that allows you to concentrate on your content and online presence while entrusting technical complexities to the professionals at InMotion Hosting.

Can I host multiple WordPress sites on one plan?

Our new WordPress managed hosting plans provide a single installation of WordPress for each production site. These are called Projects, and each Project can contain one or more playground environments, but only one VPS production site.

To host an additional WordPress site on a production server, you will need to purchase a new hosting plan. However, you will be able to access and manage all WordPress sites from the Platform InMotion dashboard.

How do I migrate my current WordPress website?

Migrating a WordPress website is simple. Once your VPS is provisioned, you have the option to migrate an existing site using our automated transfer tool. Enter your WordPress username and password and the automated migration process takes care of the rest.

You can also migrate your site manually at a later time using the Total Upkeep plugin or a migration plugin of your choice. We recommended this method if you have a large WordPress website, have a security plugin enabled, or your server settings prevent us from connecting to your current hosting provider. With Total Upkeep, simply make a backup of your current site, download the files, and import them into your new VPS.

If you still need more assistance, check out our Ultimate Guide to Migrating WordPress Sites or reach out to our support team for help.

Do you support multiple billing profiles?

Platform InMotion is designed to give you control and flexibility with billing profiles. Each Team-based profile can have its own credit card on file. Assign ownership to Projects (Hosting and Playgrounds), Email Accounts, and Domains to the Team responsible for payment. Create as many Team accounts as needed to support your projects and clients. Invite clients or billing managers into Teams to manage the card on file and print receipts.

Are there any plugins that you don't allow?

We have specific plugins that we recommend, some of which are necessary for your dashboard functionality. However, we do not restrict users from any particular plugins. Users are encouraged to only use the plugins from trusted sources which are actively maintained and compatible with their version of WordPress.

What is your money-back guarantee policy?

Our Managed WordPress Hosting plans are adaptable to meet your needs. Should you need to cancel your plan, we offer a gracious money-back guarantee. Monthly billing subscriptions get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Annual billing subscriptions receive a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel within the applicable time period, you will receive a full refund.

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