Managed WooCommerce Hosting

  • A More Convenient Way to Woo

    Take your WooCommerce hosting experience to the next level with InMotion Central. This innovative platform lets you build, host, and manage many WooCommerce sites from a single dashboard. Central gives you all the tools you need to be successful. Manage backups, stage sites, track site health, boost performance, and collaborate with team members.

  • Secure WooCommerce Hosting

    Your customers entrust you with their money, credit card information, and personal data. Trust your online store to a host that doesn't skim on security. We shield your website from bad agents, malware and DDoS attacks. Free SSL certificates, dedicated IP address, and firewalls protect sensitive information. All production sites live on fully-isolated private servers that are PCI compatible.

  • Serve Your Site Fast to Customers

    Never miss a sale due to slow load times. Our UltraStack cloud infrastructure provides superior reliability so your online store can handle traffic spikes. Dedicated resources and server-level caching boost your online store's speed and Core Web Vitals scores. Tools inside of Central include advanced caching, easy SEO, and website speed monitoring.

  • Migrate Your WooCommerce Store

    Migrating your WooCommerce site to InMotion Hosting is easy and fast! Our migration tool guides you step by step through the entire migration process. Test your eCommerce site in a playground environment then push to production with one click.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting
desktop icon All-In-One Control Panel

Manage everything from one dashboard.

Playground Environments Playground Environments

Stage updates or develop new WordPress sites.

Seamless Collaboration Seamless Collaboration

Multi-user access and permission management.

Transparent Pricing Transparent Pricing

Renews at the same price as the initial purchase.

Sell Online with WooCommerce Hosting

Launch a secure WordPress eCommerce store with WooCommerce and InMotion. With over 5 million active installations, it's the most trusted and supported eCommerce plugin on the market.

From products to payments to shipping and more - WooCommerce has everything a business needs to succeed. To make things easy, WooCommerce offers built-in tools and setup wizards to help build your store.

Advanced users can customize and enhance WooCommerce through extensions and custom integrations. Playground environments are a great place to test out these changes.

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Track Payments


Accept payments, generate invoices, and process refunds from WooCommerce admin.

Manage Shipping


Calculate shipping fees and print shipping labels for USPS and DHL. Dropshipping businesses are also supported.

Manage Inventory


Manage inventory quantities, enable low stock notifications, and hide unavailable products.

Set up Your Online Store

Creating a WordPress store is easy using the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin.

Build Your WooCommerce Store

Choose from hundreds of WooCommerce themes and storefronts.

Enjoy unrestricted customization. Make your WooCommerce store your own.

Use WooCommerce extensions for more integration options.

Streamline Your Process

Easily add and remove products. Keep your WordPress shop fresh.

Jumpstart product sales with custom discounts and coupon codes.

Use shopping cart customization options for taxes and payments.

Manage Your Business

Use a simple central dashboard to access your sales data.

Quickly determine order and payment status or manage shipping.

Run your store from anywhere using the WooCommerce mobile app.

Woman managing her online store

Integrate your WooCommerce Hosting with Extensions

WooCommerce extensions are a great way to enhance your store's functionality. There are extensions for anything - from digital downloads to dropshipping. Choose from over 400 free and paid extensions to help you grow your online business.

Playground environments are a great place to test out extensions. Stage your changes then launch your site to a secure VPS hosting environment.

WooCommerce Hosting Plans

Sell More with a WooCommerce Website

  • Built for WordPress and WooCommerce

    Slow websites lose sales. Serve your site to customers fast with optimized WooCommerce hosting. This high-availability cloud infrastructure provides exceptional performance and reliability. You'll even notice superior load times in your WordPress admin area - so you can work fast.

    • SSD Storage
    • NGINX
    • Apache
    • PHP-FPM
    • Brotli Compression
    • ImageMagick
    • Redis
  • Protect Your Brand and Customers

    Secure websites earn customer trust. Get everything you need to secure transactions, data, and customer information.

    • DDoS Protection
    • Automatic Security Patches
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    • Brute Force Protection
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Free Dedicated IP
  • Optimize Your Workflows

    Our new WordPress Hosting platform is a multi-environment ecosystem that allows updates and testing to be done in your Playground environment and with one click you can push to production.

    • Multi-User Access with Granular Permissions
    • One-Click Playground
    • SSH Access
    • Site Health Monitor
    • Performance Tools
    • File Manager
    • Automated Site Transfer Tool
 Servers Built for WordPress and WooCommerce

Speed and Reliability for WordPress Stores

Our features optimize performance and reliability.

Advanced Caching

Advanced Caching

Our native in-dashboard use of W3 Total Cache improves SEO, Core Web Vitals, and overall user experience of your site by increasing website performance and reducing load times.

More PHP Workers Per Site

More PHP Workers Per Site

Dynamic websites such as eCommerce sites rely on background processes. The more workers available, the more customer requests your WooCommerce site can process.

Redis Included

Redis Included

Available on most plans, Redis caches data in-memory. The result is faster response times and server stability. It also reduces performance bottlenecks.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

Your WooCommerce site comes with its own cloud-based VPS. This means you will have 100% of the server’s resources dedicated to your site alone.

WooCommerce Hosting Developer Features

  • Playground Environments
  • SSH Access
  • File Manager
  • Database Manager
  • Backups Included
  • Git Compatible

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Customer Service
"We’ve got the tools, resources, support and knowledge to help you take your business to the next level. And we’re happy to help."

"We’ve got the tools, resources, support and knowledge to help you take your business to the next level. And we’re happy to help."

Markus A., Customer Service
Markus A., Customer Service Markus A., Customer Service

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