What Sets InMotion eCommerce Hosting Apart?

Top eCommerce Apps

PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce & more

SSL Available

Secure Your Store

Solid State Drives

Our Servers with SSD Make Your Hosting 20x Faster

Free Domain

New or Existing Transfer

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Money Back

What do you get with eCommerce Hosting?

Responsive Themes

Choose a responsive website theme that fits your brand and products and is optimized to be viewed on all devices, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

1-Click Installation

With our 1-Click installation tool Softaculous, you can take your pick of a number of different eCommerce applications upon purchase. Softaculous comes free with all Shared Hosting accounts and at a small cost for VPS plans.

24/7/365 Support

InMotion Hosting offers an extensive Support Center, eCommerce training modules, and 24/7/365 support via phone, live chat and email to help you get your online store up and running.

Multiple Payment Methods

The majority of online stores will allow you to accept payments using a number of different methods including credit card, PayPal and Google Wallet.

99.9% Uptime

Making sure your online store is always up and open for business is of the utmost importance. InMotion Hosting provides 99.9% uptime for its hosting clients, ensuring you won’t be missing out on business.

Continuous Updates

Make sure your online store is always up-to-date. Download the latest patches for your application to ensure your website is safe, secure and looking good.

eCommerce Hosting FAQs

Why choose InMotion Hosting for your eCommerce Store?

Your online store will only function and scale as well as your web hosting plan allows it to. InMotion Hosting offers top-notch hosting to support your business as it grows. With features including Solid-State Drives, which offers read/write speeds that are up to 20x faster than traditional spinning drives, data backups up to 10GB, SSH access, a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 1-click application installer, we have everything you need to get your store off the ground and keep it running smoothly.

How can I be sure my customers information will be secure?

InMotion Hosting offers SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, which establish a secure connection for your customers and all of their business-critical data. It allows sensitive information including credit card details, social security numbers, private credentials and more to be transmitted securely by providing a secure connection between the internet browser and your web store. We also offer the suPHP tool, a module that restricts how and at which permission level PHP scripts are executed.

Which hosting plan should I select for my eCommerce website?

Each online store has different hosting needs and requirements. Typically, lower-traffic sites with fewer products will be fine with a Shared Hosting plan. As your company grows and you have more products and customers shopping simultaneously, you may need to scale up to VPS Hosting to handle the increased load. If you have any questions pertaining to which hosting plan best fits your particular scenario, feel free to reach out to our sales team and we would be happy to help set you up with an appropriate hosting plan.

Once I choose my hosting plan, how do I get started with my store?

Once you have your hosting plan selected and purchased, you are ready to install the eCommerce application that best fits your needs. With Softaculous, we provide a number of 1-click installation options. Take your pick of application, choose from a number of great themes, and get started adding your products!