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Getting started 338

Welcome to InMotion Hosting! Now that you have a new web hosting account, it’s time to achieve your web goals. No matter your experience level or needs, our community forum will help you get started with your new web hosting account. For most users, this means setting up email addresses, creating a website, or moving an existing website over to your new hosting account. Explore the forum topics or ask a question to get started!

Account Management 811

Manage your InMotion Hosting services using the Account Management Panel (AMP). The AMP allows you to make payments, change hosting plans, register domain names and more. Familiarize yourself with Account Management to ensure that you get the most out of your hosting plan!

Hosting & Server Support 465

This category contains questions and answers to hosting and server issues.
Updates: How to start buying a domain and hosting?

Server Management 1,978

Server Management can be anything from an occasional task to a full time job, depending on the size and complexity of your business. This topic covers everything from software and files to analytics and connectivity.
Updates: anonymous FTP needed

Off Topic 6

Sometimes, our customers ask us things we don't expect. We still do our best to answer, though! Off Topic questions, for products that we do not offer which are unrelated to our services, get posted here.

Website 3,022

For most of our customers, the whole point of having a hosting account with InMotion is to build a great website. No matter what you're trying to make, or what situation you need help with, we'll have a category where you can find answers or get help!
Updates: my changes are not made in live

Managing Email 1,811

Email is one of the core tools of running an online business. This category covers everything you need for managing email including clients and mailing list software.
Updates: RoundCube randomly not forwarding email

Content Management Systems 685

A content management system (CMS) is software that enables users to create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for specific technical knowledge. A CMS makes it easy for users to design and build a website without having to create the code themselves. They are capable of handling all the basic infrastructure needs for a website, allowing users to focus on the front end. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, but other common ones include Drupal, Moodle, Phpbb, Joomla and more.
Updates: Replicate Concrete5 Site for Testing

Managing Domains 1,434

Understanding your domain name, how registrations works, and how renewal works, will all play a hand in helping you maintain your domain over the years.

Ecommerce 1,095

Let the InMotion Hosting Community help you with your eCommerce goals! Explore our eCommerce discussions to figure out the best selling platform for your business needs. Learn from other community users, join eCommerce conversations, and even post your own questions to learn more about creating and running a successful online store. You can also check out our Support Center articles for more information on starting an eCommerce website.

Website Builders 212

Website Builders include various software solutions to help you build and publish a website to your web hosting. These platforms often favor rapid, template based design meant to make it easier for non-developers to create and update sites.
Updates: Create a page in builder

Other 438

Sometimes, there's just no where else for someplace to be. That place is here. (This category is temporary and will be removed after the contents are cleared out).
Updates: How Do I Disable the X-Ham-Report?

WordPress 1,679

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. It is used by over a third of all websites on the internet. Its versatility makes it useful for everyone from beginners to advanced web developers. It simplifies the process of building websites by letting you manage from a single Dashboard on almost any device with internet access. Updates can be easily applied to keep you secure. This category is for all WordPress-related questions and issues.
Updates: Embed video using Boldgrid

Software & Applications 43

For all your questions regarding software that can be installed and run from your server not covered in any of the above categories. Topics range from media organization and streaming software to the latest Linux-based applications. While this will usually focus on Dedicated Server and VPS based plans, any software-specific questions are welcome!

VPS Hosting 60

Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) is a type of hosting where the "server" is defined through software. The main differences from shared servers are root privileges to the account and a larger defined set of resources per each account. InMotion Hosting provides two types of VPS Hosting - Managed VPS and Cloud VPS. Cloud VPS hosting provides more granular level of control for the setup of accounts through the command line. VPS accounts are ideal for developers or website administrators where more control and resource availability is needed.
Updates: How can I increase php memory limit?
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