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IP address blacklisted

Michal 7 years ago in Other / Blacklist Check 0

some emails sent from my domain wordtolatex.com are not delivered because the IP adress (assigned to wordtolatex.com) is blacklisted at http://www.spamhaus.org/ and some other lists.

Can you please resolve this serious issue. Thank you.

domain blacklisted?

tdejony 8 years ago in Other / Blacklist Check 0
The company I work for has had a VPS account here for a few months now, and things have been working smoothly up until this afternoon when I received an email from a co-worker saying that one of our vendors said he noticed our domain was blacklisted. I checked our VPS IP against a blacklist database and, sure enough, it is blacklisted. How does this happen and how do we remove our domain from the blacklist?