domain blacklisted?

  • Answered
The company I work for has had a VPS account here for a few months now, and things have been working smoothly up until this afternoon when I received an email from a co-worker saying that one of our vendors said he noticed our domain was blacklisted. I checked our VPS IP against a blacklist database and, sure enough, it is blacklisted. How does this happen and how do we remove our domain from the blacklist?
Hello Tdejony, Blacklisting occurs when a receiving server makes a complaint to a blacklisting service about emails they have received from your VPS IP address. They then add you to the blacklist. Then, anyone using that blacklist service will bounce your email instead of allowing it to go through. Typically, VPS and Dedicated account owners are responsible for clearing their own server IPs from the blacklists (more information on vps accounts can be found here), but you can certainly see if our Systems team can assist you. To do so, you would need to contact our support department (open 24/7) with that request. Be sure to validate your account with either the last 4 digits of the credit card on file, or the current Account Management Panel (AMP) password. Also, be certain to identify the account in the email. I hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions or information specific to the issue please leave a comment below so we can further assist you. Best Regards, Scott M