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Error 500 on my website

davidojs 4 years ago in Website / Databases updated by JT S. (Technical Writer) 1 month ago 5

I have a 500 error on my web the website is a journal management and publishing system. Right now I can upload Word files but I can not upload PDF files. when I try to upload PDF files the browser displays Error 500. How do I fix this problem?


mySQL database size getting large

rick85251 1 year ago in Website / Databases 0
Is it possible to have too large of a mySQL database. I have a website with 120 pages. The mySQL database is 5853.01 MB. Is this too large? If it is too large how would I reduce it?
I have redesigned the site a few times over the years and there may be junk in the database. I am unsure how to cleanup a database. Guidance and best practice is appreciated.
Thank you,

error when trying to copy SQl DB to an empty one.

in PHPMyAdmin, when I try to copy an sql to an empty one I made using the wizard it gives me an error. Also the new database that I created in the wizard doesnt show up in the left hand panel to open.

I cannot connect to my phpmyadmin database

ebing 2 years ago in Website / Databases 0
I read the tutorials but I couldnt connect from my php webpage to the server
1=localhost, localhost:3306 or domain.com?
2=userdb or general user cpanel hosting?
mysql_connect("1", "2","???");

how to retrieve DB Backup

Sweetoro 3 years ago in Website / Databases 0
I have not renewed hosting.
I would like to know if you can recover the backups of the db associated with the following websites:
articolivari.it, virganto.com, sweetoro.com.
Best Regards

How to Define a User/Password for Connecting to DB

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Website / Databases 0
where can i find privillage defenition for my DB? where should i set and assign a user name and password of my DB?

Piwik autoupdate not working

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Website / Databases 0
Hi there,
on my site, Piwik has been installed using softaculous. Worked great.
Now when I use the auto-update-function in the Piwik UI, I only get an error page (xxx for privacy)
that says
"Mysqli prepare error: MySQL server has gone away"
That's not an error I have seen before in my other Piwik installations.
Is there a hint what I can do? To me it sounds as if the system doesn't get hold of the db server quickly enought.
Thank you!

Moving MySQL Data Directory

stsIT 3 years ago in Website / Databases 0
In short, I need to quickly create a temporary table of about 500,000+ rows and insert a single character in a new column after all the other columns (regardless of how many there are) and then "select * into outfile" in a data directory in which the user can access. What directory should I write to (the MySQL Data directory? The tmp directory? a separate directory?) and how should I give the correct permissions so that I do not receive a "do not have permissions" error?

Puttygen 'Load' goes nowhere

jerrywaxman 3 years ago in Website / Databases 0
Download and Convert the SSH Key
Step 7. Open puttygen, and click the Load button.
When I click Load, nothing happens.
Is there a step missiong

Mysql access denied on my server

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Website / Databases 0
Dear, I am looking to acces to a new data base mysql that i was created. i am receiving the following message: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user 'xxxxxxx'@'xxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' (using password: YES) in /home/insihn5/public_html/write_data.php on line 8 1. user exist. 2. This user is attached to data base t with ALL PRIVILEGES Please, let me know if you have an idea to solve this problem.