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How to login in to Magento - just installed

Gweir 7 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0
I have just installed Magento from the C panel. Where do I start to use it?


Can i delete multiple shopping cart price rules at a time in magento v1.7?

williampatey 7 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0
I have accidenatlly managed to upload 1491 shopping cart price rule voucher codes (whilst fidling with an elgento groupon codes extension and an example csv file)in Magento V1.7. The csv file I was uploading only had 5 voucher codes on but it seems to have generated a whole load on its own and instead of uploading 5 it has uploaded nearly 1500! I really want to delete these all but dont have the time to go into each rule and delete them manually. Is there a way I can batch delete them without deleting the rules I want to keep? PLEASE HELP!!!

Very urgent(Shipping Policy Change)

siddesh 7 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0
Free shipping will only apply to orders over $99. New rate for first class is $5.95. Priority 7.95. Need to change home page wording to specify that free shipping only applies to orders over $99. Need to change shopping cart rules to reflect this change. Also need to make changes to ‘shipping & delivery’ page at the bottom of home page.

How do i change the canada shipping price

siddesh bhalke 7 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0
Hello my website is "www.framelot.com"

I need to change free shipping price from $26.50 to $30, its urgent..

Any help will be appreciated.

magento page not getting saved

siddesh bhalke 7 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0
Here i go,

When i went to config->Inventory and change out of stock to "yes" in admin section magento site.


problem is-> when i click on save button its taking more than 20 minuts get saved,but after that it show error message, and option will not get saves.. plz tell me wat may be problame ??

how do i get back online after changing base url by mistake

richie 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0
using phpmyadmin in cpanel I changed the secure/unsecure base url in core_config_data to its original correct name. I have tried to manually flush magento cache (var/cache) in cpanel file manager, however that file is anyways empty
I am getting 404 error message when trying to log onto the site, what am i doing wrong, please help

Many thanks

How do I activate/enable the caches in Magento manually?

Spearo 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0

I disactivated/disabled the caches with the Admin panel, to add some modifications to my website. Unfortunately when I finished, I forgot to reactivate the caches.
Now my website is no more reachable. My browser says that it is due to the fact that the caches are disabled/refused.

Isn't it possible to activate the caches manually? Maybe by modifying the value of rows in a table of the database?

Thanks a lot for your help and answers.

Database connection error during magento install, help!

jasonotr 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0
Intalling magento v.

Followed the guide for the installation.

Entered the proper database / user / password on MySQL Databases.. Give the proper permissions to the user.

I uploaded magento/sample data to the database.

Went to mywebsite.com/magento/install and followed the walk-through, I got a "Database connection error." My current setting were: local host, user, password.


How can i configure my database? make sure the local host is the correct host?

magento 2 website is very slow

Mohamed Hanafy 5 months ago in Ecommerce / Magento updated by Arnel C (Content Marketing Coordinator) 5 months ago 1

Dear Sir,

I created lenafashion.net Magento 2 website.

The website is very very slow, Does your hosting support Magento 2 with acceptable performance or not?

Waiting for your reply 

Thank you