Can't install Magento 2.1

  • Answered
I updated to PHP v7 and tried to install Magento 2.1, but it gets to 95% and never goes any further. I gave it an hour, figured that should be more than enough time. It looks like it gets to the point where it creates the database, but won't create any of the tables. Is there anything I need to change or set up before I try to install Magento?

Hello Stephen, Thank you for your question about installing Magento. Magento requires 2GB of RAM. This means that if you are hosting with us, it is not recommended to install Magento on a shared hosting platform. You will want to use a VPS or dedicated server. If you need to upgrade, we have instructions on how to do so from your AMP. I was able to install Magento 2.1 without issue on a test VPS using Softaculous without issue. If you do have a VPS or dedicated server, and are still having trouble with this, I would recommend contacting our Support team for more assistance with troubleshooting why this may not be installing properly. Gratefully, Casey B.