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Hi Harry! Usually adding /cpanel to the end of a URL

(like example.com/cpanel) will take you to the cPanel login screen. Please note though that if your previous host has restricted acccess to cPanel, that URL may not work. If you have not previously been granted cPanel access, it's a good idea to check with your previous host so you know what format your data is in when you begin the website transfer process. Hope that helps!


Transfer to 1and1 catmaniac.club

Hello, I would like to tranfer my hosting to 1and 1. Can you help me with that ? Unfortunately, I can not do it alone.

Import Accounts from Old Server

I have just signed up for reseller hosting. I have 10-12 accounts that I want to import from old server.
I have backed up all the accounts already.
How can I get these imported?
Main concern is importing email accounts and forwarders, the database and files I can import without help, but how do I bring in all the email accounts and forwarders that have been set up? The messages I am not so concerned about, the accounts, passwords and forwarders I am.

Can you migrate my website from Godaddy?

I'm planning to get your business PRO shared hosting package but need to to know if you are able to migrate mys site - http://evacleaners.com from GoDaddy?
I don't have technical knowledge so have no idea how to do it.

multisite to single site migration

How do you extract a subdomain from a Wordpress multisite and migrate it to a single site hosted by inmotion?

How do I transfer a subdomain to Big Cartel?

I want to connect my subdomain to my Big Cartel. I tried following their instructions but it is missing some info about TTL. https://help.bigcartel.com/basics/domains/other-domain-setup/#using-a-subdomain
Name: shop.mywebsitename.com
TTL: This is where I'm lost. I don't what to put here.
Address: myshopname.bigcartel.com

East Coast Data Center Move

Is it possible to move my account to east coast datacenter?

Tranferring my business website to inmotion would it affect my ranking


I want to transfer my business website from my current hosting provider to inmotion hosting. However, i have an important concern...this website is my top source of incoming business/clients and my business (travel industry) is seasonal. The season has already started and i am worried that i might lose my ranking with google, i am now in the top results when someone is searching for some of our services.

I have been told that changing hosting companies might affect ranking with google and if that happens in my case I will lose A LOT OF BUSINESS.

I already have a hosting plan with inmotion that i can add this domain as well, should i do that? or should i have a separate hosting plan just for this domain since its very very important to me not to lose my ranking in the search results??!!?

Please advise ASAP how i should proceed or what you recommend??

Thank you!

Migration to inmotion – Time-frame and keeping track

raphaz 3 years ago in Getting started / Website Transfers 0
I submitted the form for the automated migration from my old host to inmotion.

I got a confirmation by email. Contrary to what I was told before (24-48 hours) the confirmation now says "Website Transfers typically take up to 3 to 4 weeks to complete".
24-48 hours time for transfer was one of the reasons I decided to do the migration to inmotion.
Please clarify!

Also, how do I keep track on how the migration is going? The confirmation email says "We will be in touch, via email, throughout the process to keep you up-to-date". Does that mean I'll be informed when it starts and when it's done? I haven't seen any progress emails yet. Is there any other way for me to keep track of progress?
I need to know when I need to have my website in maintenance mode for possible interruptions or downtime, and when I may experience lack or absence of email traffic. I need to know that as well in order to know when to cancel my current host account (I don't want to pay double – cancellation is 1st for following month).


Resource usage and site migration

We have a site, currently running, and we would like to migrato to shared inmotionhosting account. However, we currently monitor our resource usage to make sure we are ok with current hosting provider limits. In order to keep on ensuring everything works ok, we would like to know how clear are the limits, and thus, how clear will be for us to monitor those limits and take actions before they are exceeded. This is crucial, as we cannot free disk space in seconds, but we do forecast disk usage and we do take actions to be ok with our provider.

Our current resource usage is:
- disk space: 30gb, 270k inodes.
- about 120 minutes of cpu per day.
- 3gb in a mysql dabase use for fulltext indexing.
- dedicated ip, with ssl certificate installed.

Our current limits are:
- 300k inodes.
- 180 minutes of cpu daily.

What limits should we take care of in Launch hosting plan? Can the site we have run ok in Launch plan? Keep in mind that QoS is important for us, so monitoring the limits is crucial for us no matter which plan or provider we take....

Thanks a lot!