duplicating existing Dreamweaver site with Wordpress

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I currently have a web site with numerous pages created in Dreamweaver. I'd like to change over to use Wordpress, but I understand that I can't just import the existing pages into Wordpress. It looks like I will need to rebuild the entire site, so I will be creating a parallel version of the Dreamweaver site as a Wordpress site (while continuing to keep the Dreamweaver site updated). I have the Launch plan, so I can have two web sites. I am starting Wordpress as a complete newbie,  so I have some questions about getting started.

  1. How do I create the new site in Wordpress and still have it hosted by inMotion without abandoning the existing site during the change-over? I will need to be able to see it without it being public.
  2. Will I have a separate Control Panel for each site version?
  3. Once I'm finished creating the Wordpress version, I will want to use the original Dreamweaver site name that users are already familiar with. I'm assuming that's possible. How will I do that? In other words, if my Dreamweaver site is MySite.com now and I create the Wordpress version as NewSite.com, will users eventually be able to go to MySite.com as the Wordpress version?

Thanks so much.

John-Paul B
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Hello bill,

Thank you for contacting us regarding duplicating an existing Dreamweaver website in WordPress. 

  1. You can create a separate website by using a new Addon domain, or even using a subdomain such as test.example.com. This will have a separate folder for storing the WordPress website files, and you can password protect the pages/posts from the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. With a Launch plan, you will have only a single cPanel with multiple websites in separate folders.
  3. When you are ready to replace your Dreamweaver site, you can move or download the Dreamweaver files. Then move the WordPress files into the document root for the primary website and update the URL. The steps are outlined in our guide on How to Move WordPress from a Subfolder to the Root Directory.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,