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pat 1 year ago in Getting started / New Customers updated by anonymous (Content Marketing Coordinator) 1 year ago 1

New customer here - 1st day.

How to I refresh the nginx cache - making changes and they are not showing up when I refresh my browser.  Can I use cPanel to do this?


There's a really easy way to do this with the tools you have available on your account using Total Upkeep. Here's a guide to it, but I'll describe the steps here as well: 

First, install the Total Upkeep plugin and use your BoldGrid Connect Key to unlock all of its features. Create a full site backup and save it. Now, you can install Total Upkeep on the other site and 'restore' the site from that backup!

While we're always sorry to see a site go, I hope the process proves easy. 


I have a website, but want to update it to a Wordpress site. Do I need to transfer the site first, or do I build a new site then transfer to new site?

slpcria 2 months ago in Getting started / New Customers updated by JT S. (Technical Writer) 2 months ago 1

I have a website hosted with someone else. It is very old. I want to update my site and redesign it in WordPress. How do I do that? Do I transfer my old site to InMotion, first?


Where do I find the phone number listed for the website

Lee Fuller 3 months ago in Getting started updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 3 months ago 1

Hi, Lee! usually you can just edit the contact info page directly, but if that does not seem to be changing it, the number may be listed somewhere else. Try checking your widgets to see if there is one for contact information. 


Hi Harry! Usually adding /cpanel to the end of a URL

(like example.com/cpanel) will take you to the cPanel login screen. Please note though that if your previous host has restricted acccess to cPanel, that URL may not work. If you have not previously been granted cPanel access, it's a good idea to check with your previous host so you know what format your data is in when you begin the website transfer process. Hope that helps!


Not sure if I need more before I can import an existing WordPress site

mathi77 1 year ago in Getting started / New Customers 0
I'm trying to move a WordPress site to our InMotion Hosting account.
The admin from the old location sent me a backup of the current site that he created by pulling down via FTP.
Will that work or should they create the backup a different way?
I'm not sure if a backup of the SQL was included, I couldn't find any file ending in sql.
The old location does use CPanel so they could create a backup that way but the site is currently a subdomain. Can they still use the CPanel backup wizard to create the backup even though the site is a subdomain?

Thanks for your help.

sistemadeenvio.info (sistem26) support help

Hi today I purchased this server sistemadeenvio.info (sistem26) and I want to use the 2 hour free managed support.

Please do this (in this order)

- create this DNS
and tell me which IP you put for each
- restore all the accounts located here www.balitas.net/backups-servidor-segundo/weekly/2019-03-24
- also create this DNS
and tell me which IP you put for each

login in cPanel and WHM


i try login in cPanel and WHM
i get msg net open

Hmmm...can’t reach this page
Try this
Make sure you’ve got the right web address: https://secure.servconfig.com:2083
Search for "https://secure.servconfig.com:2083" on Bing
Refresh the page

pse help

Why are assigned passwords subsequently revealed within confirm email?

probe 2 years ago in Getting started / New Customers 0
When creating an Inmotionhosting account at https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/ the user assigns own password (obscured by the usual *****), but upon receiving a 'must open' email with confirmation link for confirming the account, the password is revealed (making little sense if initially within the form it was securely obscured) with originally assigned string - why does is this made to function and operate according to such inadequate principle (taking into account initial creation form password input setting)?