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I have written a web site that is now posted as an addon domain on my account.  In January we will want to move it to the owner's own account (at InMotion).  As the primary and secondary DNS address will (I assume) be the same for my account, and the users new account how will I make the transfer without any interruption of service for the user?

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Thanks for the question about migrating the website to InMotion without interruption.  As there is propagation involved when changing DNS for the domain from one location to another, there MIGHT be an interruption if you collect data at the current location.  If the site is not taking orders or input from a customer, then it should be no problem.  

Basically, you will need to leave your development site running while you move the files and the DNS to the new location.  You speak with support about migrating it and they will be able to assist you - especially if both sites are within InMotion's servers. 

What will happen is that the site will be visible from your location until DNS propagation completes and the website is then served from the new location.  It will appear seamless to anyone viewing the site from the outside.

The one exception that I was saying is if the site is collecting data or being edited from the outside during the move.  I would alert website users not to edit, or put orders in - basically any interaction that involves the server within the 24-hour window that propagation occurs.  In 90% of cases, the propagation will occur within a few hours.  

If you intend to keep the site open for business, then you would need to carry the changes over into the site when it's moved - this may involve database work to move over any added entries from the old site.  If files are added, then you may also need to add them manually to the new location when the transfer is complete.

I hope this helps to explain the issue.  The simplest way to avoid complications is either to place the site in maintenance mode for the time it takes for DNS to propagate to the new location, or tell users that the website is only read-only during that time. 

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.