Migrating from Weebly

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I want to move my sites from Weebly to InMotion Hosting. Can you do that or do I have to do it?

How much does it cost to host my sites with you (you already host my domains or whatever they're called)?

Do you have a very simple webpage builder I can use? (WordPress is NOT simple for me). Nothing fancy at all.

Thank you!

John-Paul B
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Thank you for contacting us regarding migrating from Weebly. A Shared Hosting plan is a good option for starting out and you can always upgrade later when your site grows. I know you mentioned that WordPress was not easy for you, but there have been recent improvements to how you can create and edit sites. So you may want to consider trying it again since it has gotten more user-friendly. 

There are many other options for creating a website that can be installed with just a click using Softaculous but it really depends on your experience and preference. Due to this, I recommend contacting our Sales team so they can discuss your specific needs and help you determine the best possible options for you.

For other people that may find this forum post, we do have a guide on How to Transfer a Website From Weebly to WordPress

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