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Thunderbird Not Responding after Windows 10 Upgrade

InMotionFans 4 years ago in Email / Thunderbird 0
Since upgrade to Windows 10, I often get the message "not responding" when using Thunderbird. It can lock up for a minute or more, then it is OK for a while. (Sometimes, a very short while.) As far as I know, nothing else has changed. Does anyone have some insight to this problem?

Migrate Email with Thunderbird

InMotionFans 4 years ago in Email / Thunderbird 0
I have Thunderbird to migrate emails; it does not allow me to create 2 emails with the same name as described in the tutorial. This info needs to be updated on your site-it's from 2011! Please direct me to CURRENT info on how to use Thunderbird to migrate emails from web.com to InMotion. Thanks.

Can't find SMTP address

InMotionFans 5 years ago in Email / Thunderbird 0
On October 14 AT&T shut down the SMTP server (mail.bellsouth.net) which I had been using with my Thunderbird email client for many years. They made all AT&T customers (I use AT&T DSL) switch to SMTP outbound.att.net. By calling AT&T tech. support I was able to have them change my Thunderbird SMTP address to outbound.att.net and it worked for my att.net email address.

Of course all my incoming (POP3) emails are retrieved by Thunderbird.

However, I have six (6) "non" AT&T email addresses. Five with localnet.com and one with a GoDaddy (reynard.name). Changing the SMTP setting to outbound.att.net didn't work. The server gave me an error message.

After three days and as many phone calls to AT&T tech the support the tech switched me to a supervisor (because he didn't know how to solve my problem) and the supervisor, after telling me that AT&T did not support Thunderbird admitted it was not a Thunderbird problem but the "problem" was that AT&T SMTP servers would no longer accept any From: emails that were not an att.net email.

Both localnet and GoDaddy email SMTP servers will only allow connection via their web mail. So I have no SMTP server address to put into my Thunderbird for those email addresses.

Can you help (please) or am I going to have to "bow" to AT&T restrictions and cancel all my "non" email accounts and create att.net addresses or after many, many years of using Thunderbird, start using those stupid web mail facilities.


Robert Reynard

Using Folders with Thunderbird and Gmail

itsnotworking 6 years ago in Email / Thunderbird 0
I had my gmail account with thunderbird but not all the folders so I removed it form thunderbird and now it keeps saying "Thunderbird - Configuration could not be verified - is the username or password wrong?" I've spent the hour looking online and doing everything the settings and even changing the password yet won't work still.

I use thunderbird 24.6.0

I'm confused and tired. Can someone please help me?

Email Filters

stevew 8 years ago in Email / Thunderbird 0
I have set up email filters on both the account and user levels (If FROM ends with .in DISCARD MESSAGE).

However, the emails still show up in my Thunderbird client (pop), as well as my webmail.

Can you help to get this filter working?