Migrate Email with Thunderbird

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I have Thunderbird to migrate emails; it does not allow me to create 2 emails with the same name as described in the tutorial. This info needs to be updated on your site-it's from 2011! Please direct me to CURRENT info on how to use Thunderbird to migrate emails from web.com to InMotion. Thanks.
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Setting up the same email support I have had for years on my home office workstation using Outlook under Windows 7 Pro on my laptop again under Windows 7 this time using Thunderbird.
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Thank you for contacting us about migrate email with Thunderbird. You should be able to use two different names with the same email username and different settings (or server settings). Current versions of Thunderbird do not forbid this.

We have a full guide on how to migrate email with Thunderbird.

For example, you can set up two accounts: Mail Test 1 and Mail Test 2, for example, and you can use the individual server settings as described in that article.


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