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Where to put Python scripts?

amosglenn 7 years ago in Other / Python 0
I'm just getting started working in Python, and I'm not yet able to have the server run a python script. I've pretty much only tried putting the script in the cgi-bin directory. I'm not sure what to do next.


MySQLdb example not working...

noble 7 years ago in Other / Python 0
It appears that "import MySQLdb" in python fails. Followed instructions from the "How to use Python to connect to database" article.

I removed the MySQLdb references and a simple "hello world" works fine.

So I am wondering if MySQLdb library is missing?

Am I able to install the mdp library for python?

brenner 8 years ago in Other / Python 0
I would like to install mdp for python. Here is a link to its webpage.


1. Is this allowed?
2. Is this something I can do myself or must someone at inmotion be involved?

Scripts with connection

DanPorat 8 years ago in Other / Python 0
Hi ,

I ahve a few scripts I am trying to run but somehow they fail.
The scripts open a connection outside and get some data from other sites.
Currently , they fail on connection problems.

I would like to know if you prohibit scripts from doing actions such as scraping , DB mining , etc...