Python startup

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I have a MySQL database running fine. I would now like to enable Python. I attempted to use the simple example in the knowledge database but it did not work (Internal Server Error).
I did find another database entry that said there was a fix that involved moving to a different server.

Is this what I need? I am on a shared host but your docs say Python is available on all the business class accounts.

My domain is:
Hello SETINe5, and thanks for your question. I attempted to run a default hello world Python script from your account and I was also running into 500 Internal Server Errors with the message Premature end of script headers. I've gone ahead and escalated this issue up to our system administration team for review, and they should be getting back to you via email once things are resolved. If you continue to have issues, or if what they do does seem to fix these problems for you, please let us know! - Jacob