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How do I update my webpage?

lauragourlay 4 days ago in Website / How To updated by Alyssa K 3 days ago 1

I need to change information on my webpage, which was originally created by someone else, but I am not in charge of the page.  I do not know how to access the page for changing information and updating.

Alyssa K 3 days ago

Hello lauragourlay, 

Thank you for your question regarding updating your webpage. Unfortunately, without more information it is hard for me to provide specific advice. Ultimately, how you update your site will depend on how it was built and where it is being hosted. If the site is being hosted by InMotion, you will need to contact our Customer Service team to discuss account retrieval. 

If your site was hosted elsewhere, you will likely need to get in touch with their Customer Service to retrieve your account. If your site was built using WordPress or Joomla! then there may be a username and password that will allow you to login to the dashboard and edit the site as you see fit. You will likely need to get that information from the person that built the site. 

We do hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions. 

Best Regards, 

Alyssa K. 


mySQL database size getting large

rick85251 10 months ago in Website / Databases 0
Is it possible to have too large of a mySQL database. I have a website with 120 pages. The mySQL database is 5853.01 MB. Is this too large? If it is too large how would I reduce it?
I have redesigned the site a few times over the years and there may be junk in the database. I am unsure how to cleanup a database. Guidance and best practice is appreciated.
Thank you,

Blog posts print with the web site header on each page, hiding text.

chaffeeb 11 months ago in Website 0
Using the print icon at the bottom of each blog post, I've found that the website header that's on each web page prints at the top of each printed blog page, obscuring text. I use the Agama Blue theme. Is there a way to fix this?

Background photo not showing in BoldGrid

TXlady 11 months ago in Website / Website Design 0
I'm setting up a revised version of my website in BoldGrid and added a background photo but it doesn't show up even after publishing it. I've deleted it and retried and still does not show. I've tried different settings for it and still no luck. Any ideas on what would be wrong?

Point my domain to another server while keeping email as is.

luker@blueskylandexpress.com 11 months ago in Website / How To 0
I wish to point my domain to squarespace, but do not want my email system to be changed to squarespace or google. Which cname records and A records do I need to update and which do should not be altered in order to configure accordingly. thank you.

Google shows an error when i add a new url property

gumstic 12 months ago in Website / Google Tools 0
I'm trying to add a new property url to Google Console.
I add the DNS TXT record to my domain DNS zone editor and copy the code generated from G-Console.
Google keeps sayting "Ownership verification failed" and says it can only find "v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:198.46.xx.xx +ip4:70.39.xx.xx ~all" although I added the new TXT record and shows in cpanel.
cpanel TXT record:
mydomain.com. | 3600 | TXT | google-site-verification=I3KDzUCKTm**************

Any ideas why, what am I doing wrong ?

Traffic blocked to all my websites.

tjwilliams19 12 months ago in Website 0
I have a few websites hosted here and I have a small program that checks a few things and connects to MySQL database hosted here and I run this program throughout the day on a scheduler every 10 minutes or so. I keep finding the ip addresses that I run that from getting blocked and cannot access the website at all. I have tried my home internet, Microsoft Azure and AWS servers with internet. They are telling me they are not blocking it so it has to be my host. I have checked the IP Blocker in cPanel and it is not listed, I cannot find it anywhere. After a few weeks it starts working again for a few days and then blocks again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

How do I forward from one domain to another?

whmeade10 1 year ago in Website / How To 0
How do I forward from one domain to another? I have an old website that when users put in that address it forwards them to the new website. This should be pretty easy but haven't found where to do it. Thanks!

Stage or Swap Website?

fblittle 1 year ago in Website / How To 0
I want to change my Theme from the Enfold Theme that I am now using to using the DIVI theme, however, it requires me to re-write each page if there is any change to the page because it looks like the content on each page must be built by only one editor or things won't work right on the modified pages. I would like to "Stage" this website so that I can modify my web pages then restore the modified Pages to my site without disrupting my site for the visitors. What is the best way to do this?

Can I build and then transfer another website on my Inmotion account to my primary site?

My Second Question is: Is there a generic domain that I can use to stage a website then transfer it to my primary website? Do I have to buy another domain just to test a website?

From my questions, you can probably understand what I am trying to do. If you have any advice or suggestions, please let me know what I need to do to get there and what the best, easiest, way of doing this at inmotion?

Time out read error

My site has been going down multiple times per day.
Read time out.
I have also noticed a slow loading issue.

I wanted to open a ticket but not sure how?

Taking 18+ seconds to load pages. Nothing has changed on our end. I was hoping host can look at our server and tell me is they see anything that could be an issue