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Error 500 on my website

davidojs 4 years ago in Website / Databases updated by JT S. (Technical Writer) 1 month ago 5

I have a 500 error on my web the website is a journal management and publishing system. Right now I can upload Word files but I can not upload PDF files. when I try to upload PDF files the browser displays Error 500. How do I fix this problem?


Hello, I need you to get my designer access to my account so that he can work on a website for me, if this is not possible can you give me a refund - 2 years paid in feb this year.

What do I give my designer, we are going round in circles, this isn't helped by lockdown as we are having to work remotely. 


will my site be available world-wide

boootstrapsforeducation 3 weeks ago in Website updated by Stormy Scott (Content Marketing Coordinator) 3 weeks ago 1

Made an update to .php file in File Manger in cPanel, but the site does not change?

arnsteinc 1 month ago in Website / Website Troubleshooting updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 1 month ago 1

Today my mysql connection suddenly broke. Take a look at [...]. I attempted to fix this by creating a new user to access the database the file looks at, yet the error message still lists the previous username as the one being denied access. How do I force the web page to use the update .php file credentials?


Hi! For your privacy and security, I removed the address you listed, but only after visiting the site as you requested. 

After creating the new MySQL user, be sure to update the appropriate configuration file for your site or sites. For example, if you have a WordPress site, please be sure to update the wp-config.php file and put the new database user credentials in the file. This should allow your site to access the database. I hope that helps!


I created a subdomain, i installed wordpress but it is not loading. i t has been 4 days, not still loading

Please it is urgent.

Why is my subdomain not loading



The most likely reason your subdomain is not loading would be a DNS error. Are you managing your DNS with our nameservers at InMotion Hosting, or are you using third party nameservers? If you are using third party nameservers like those of your domain registrar, you will need to create a DNS entry for the subdomain manually. 

If you want to confirm if you are experiencing a DNS issue, please use a hosts file modification to test out the site and see if it can be accessed by bypassing the DNS. 

If the subdomain still does not load even with a hosts file mod, it is likely a different technical issue. If you created the subdomain in a directory inside the directory for another site (as opposed to placing it in your user's home directory), there may be a conflict between various .htaccess files or some other configuration file. 

Those are the two things I have seen cause this problem most frequently. If neither of those appear to be the issue, please get in touch with our live 24/7 Technical Support team and they can help you track down the specific problem directly!


My site is too slow on pingdom and google speed test

infiniti29687 1 month ago in Website / Website Design updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 1 month ago 1

any help would be appreciated.

MY site is [here]


Hi! For your privacy, I removed the domain you listed from your post after I visited your and ran a GTMetrix scan on it. 

What stood out to me was that, while the site itself seemed to load quickly when I visited it, the error reports showed a long series of redirects. These appear to be related to some kind of retail or advertising plugin. My guess is that the main part of the side loads up quickly, but whatever plugin or advertisement that redirects multiple times is slowing down the load time/speed scores in various analysis tools because it takes longer than everything else and makes many more connections. The advertisement never loaded for me, even though there is an 'our sponsor' section, so I think it's just a misconfigured (or not yet fully implemented) advertisement. 

Try working on the settings of your advertisement plugin or plugins and see if that makes everything else run smoother. I hope that helps!


how to change user name

Tina Janni 2 months ago in Website / How To updated by Alyssa K 1 month ago 1

I originally set up this website with the assistance of a consultant, and now I'd like to update my user name. How can I perform this update?

Alyssa K 1 month ago

Hello Tina, 

Thank you for your question regarding user name changes. Depending on what username you are attempting to change, this process will differ. If you are looking to change the cPanel username on your account, unfortunately it is not possible to do so at this time. If you are looking to change the username on your WordPress site, pleas see the following guide for instructions:


Best Regards, 

Alyssa K. 


I purchased WP-2000S - how do I activate my second wordpress site? thx!

Joe Heller 2 months ago in Website / How To updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 2 months ago 1

is this something I can do through cpanel? or is this something you need to do? thank you! 


Hi, Joe! The exact steps you need to take will depend on how much you've already taken care of. I'm going to write a brief guide to the process as though you've done nothing except upgrade your account, but of course please skip ahead in the process if you've already done part of this. 

After upgrading your account, you effectively have more 'space' on your hosting plan, but until the domain and site are set up that's all that has been added: the free space to put a new site. 

First, if you have not already done so, be sure to register your domain name for your second site

If you register a domain through us, it should automatically point to the correct nameservers. If you have registered a domain elsewhere, though, you will need to make sure that the domain is pointing to our nameservers

Now, you need add that domain to your cPanel account as an addon domain. This is like telling cPanel that you are going to be using that 'free space' for this particular domain. 

With all that out of the way, all that's left is to install WordPress! Since you're using one of our Shared WordPress hosting plans, I'd suggest installing WordPress using Softaculous

Hope that helps!