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CAPMAN 8 years ago in Domain / Visual Domain Routing 0
Why does my traceroute go through XO Communications in Herndon, VA and Hurricane Electric Inc in Freemont, CA ?

Sub Domain and Shopping Cart

Adamax 8 years ago in Domain / Visual Domain Routing 0
I am wanting to set up an online store from a subdomain. I have created the sub domain and provided the document root as www.ausstart.com/shop. Sub domain so far is www.store.ausstart.com. The question i have is, after folling any link in the store, the site leaves the subdomain url and displays the root folder address. I was wondering if its possible to have the shopping cart intalled on the subdomain, and not leave the sub domain address when a link is followed. For example, display www.shop.ausstart.com/folderX instead of www.ausstart.com/shop/folderX

Hoppefully this makes sense.

Any help would be appreciated.