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How to redirect not found all sub domain to main domain


How to redirect not found all sub domain to main domain using .htaccess.

Ajay Bairagi

Web Domain attached to new squarespace account

Domain, link, Wix, Squarespace, transfer, connect, How to, I need to redirect my domain which I bought from inmotion, to my new squarespace account

Domain Forwarding or Not Working

PapinSport 7 years ago in Domain / Visual Domain Routing 0
if i go to my Domain www.bike-shop.com it's forwarding to the biz139.inmotionhosting.com...
how can i Change it to stay on my Domain?


Sub Domain and Shopping Cart

Adamax 8 years ago in Domain / Visual Domain Routing 0
I am wanting to set up an online store from a subdomain. I have created the sub domain and provided the document root as www.ausstart.com/shop. Sub domain so far is www.store.ausstart.com. The question i have is, after folling any link in the store, the site leaves the subdomain url and displays the root folder address. I was wondering if its possible to have the shopping cart intalled on the subdomain, and not leave the sub domain address when a link is followed. For example, display www.shop.ausstart.com/folderX instead of www.ausstart.com/shop/folderX

Hoppefully this makes sense.

Any help would be appreciated.