Sending of email

  • Answered
Sending of emails has been pitifully slow the past two to three weeks and the loading of pages on my website, Several people have complained that the site is very slow to load. Yes, they are on real highspeed service.
My complaint is to send a normal email, with two lines of text, it takes over twenty seconds to send and just now, it took over a minute to send. Sometimes it doesn't send.
I use thunderbird and even with Windows Mail or Outlook the result is still the same.
Hello timahh, I do apologize that your site seems slow. My tests here show all is well currently. Your site came up instantly and I sent a large test email out in under 8 seconds. As latency can occur at either and and anywhere along the route, finding it is the difficult part. Once found, it can be addressed. The best thing to do to help us troubleshoot intermittent issues like this is to send us the results of a traceroute test. Perform this test as you are having the issue and it will help tremendously in finding the source, even if it has stopped by the time we get a chance to look. The traceroute takes a snapshot of the issue at the time and all routes from you, along the route, and including the server. Best Regards, Scott M