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How do I log into Google Analytics for my Web sites?

lplachno 2 months ago in Website / Google Tools updated by JT S. (Technical Writer) 2 months ago 1

Our Web guy left because of the virus. We are tying to get into Google analytics for our Web sites. How do we do this?


How do I delete part of my profile in google

james.rege 3 months ago in Website / Google Tools updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 3 months ago 1

Hi James! If you are referring to the information regarding your site that is displayed when you search for it in Google, editing that is part of Search Engine Optimization. If you're new to SEO, try something designed to make it easier like the BoldGrid SEO Plugin.


Google shows an error when i add a new url property

gumstic 1 year ago in Website / Google Tools 0
I'm trying to add a new property url to Google Console.
I add the DNS TXT record to my domain DNS zone editor and copy the code generated from G-Console.
Google keeps sayting "Ownership verification failed" and says it can only find "v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:198.46.xx.xx +ip4:70.39.xx.xx ~all" although I added the new TXT record and shows in cpanel.
cpanel TXT record:
mydomain.com. | 3600 | TXT | google-site-verification=I3KDzUCKTm**************

Any ideas why, what am I doing wrong ?

Google results for one of my web sites show other sites from my server

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Website / Google Tools 0
when i Google one of my web sites i also get results for other web sites that are hosted under the same shared hosting account. For example when i hit : example.com
i get:


i get like 6-10 different variations of the above related with other domains of my server but always pointing on pages of the example.com.

I'd also like to mention that these other web sites that appear in the results never owned a SSL Certificate.

This started after migrating my web sites in Inmotion without installing the necessary dedicated ip to example.com.
Now the ip is installed.

I have been instructed to use Google Search Console.
How could i use Search Console to fix this issue?

Google distance matrix api is not working on this server while same co

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Website / Google Tools 1
Hello Folks, We are using Google Distance Matrix API. This API is working on all server, but not working on this server. Could anyone let us know, why It is not working on this server. We checked same code on other servers and it worked without any problem

Can't redeem Google Adwards Voucher

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Website / Google Tools 0
Hi there,

My cpanel offered me a 100 USD Google Adwards Voucher, but it seems to only work with new google adwards accounts. That's not my case, I already have a adwards account running and have migrated my website from another host to InMotion, is it possible to get a different voucher for me?

I was told by your pricing page (http://www.inmotionhosting.com/wordpress-hosting) that I would gain a 250 USD FREE Advertising Credits.


Sitemap plugin generation boldGrid

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Website / Google Tools 0
I have previously used a plugin, Youst, for sitemap generation. Didn't work for me and ended up getting two errors on my Google console for "error establishing a database connection". I changed to a different plugin and as far as I can tell it worked where I found a message saying that the plugin notified both google and bing about the sitemaps and I received an "all done!" message. What I would like to know is when will my Google console display the sitemaps.

Google analytics recieving no hits

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Website / Google Tools 0
I have contacted technical support and they recommended I come here to see if I could get any more help. Google analytics is receiving 0 hits on our website:

It is a wordpress site and is currently using a Google Analytics plugin, support has also looked at the robots.txt file and didn't find anything out of the ordinary and should be set up fine.

I should note that analytics were working fine up until 13th February but we have had 0 hits after that.

We would really appreciate any pointers or advice anyone has. Cheers!

ERRORS: Google Structured Data > hatom (markup: microformats.org)

centur43 4 years ago in Website / Google Tools 0
Getting the following errors from Google Webmaster Tools Search Console

Google Structured Data > hatom (markup: microformats.org)
Missing: author
Missing: entry-title
Missing: updated

Will this affect my websites ranking/visibility in Google searches?
How do I fix the errors?

Is there any app for share documents like google docs in Inmotion?

InMotionFans 4 years ago in Website / Google Tools 0
I need to work with share documents but I want to avoid Google. Does Inmotion Hosting have an application similar to google docs? It should allow multiple people edit and comment the file.