Sending/Receiving Google Apps mail in Wordpress

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Anyone know how to set up Google Apps Mail with Wordpress? Are there special settings in Wordpress for Google Apps mail? I am not receiving my site mail and when a guest tries to register they are not receiving an activation email and neither do I receive a notification. Otherwise my mail works fine outside of Wordpress. Someone said that with Google Apps mail you have to use SMTP instead of php mail so I tried the WP Mail SMTP plugin. However, non of the settings I try work. I've tried authentication, also send with ssl and different ports, and non ssl. I know that most people use Google Apps mail with their domains.... so there must be an easy answer. I've tried youtube, google searches and wordpress support searches, and nothing I've tried works.
Hello SupportReginaWalker,

There may not be a way around that but curiously does the WordPress mail functions work if you use another email account?

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
Hello SupportReginaWalker, Thank you for your question on WordPress mail. I am not sure exactly what you are asking. Do you have a specific plugin that you are working with that uses mail settings? Have you tested the process against a non gmail account? Does that work? Kindest Regards, Scott M