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e-mail tools order of precendence

ChrisJScott 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
I'm using a combination of Spamassassin, Boxtrapper and User Level Filtering to fight spam in my email account. I'm trying to figure out which tools are applied in which order on incoming e-mails and I can't quite figure it out.

For example, I have a user level filtering rule that states if an incoming messages contains a certain name that that message should be deleted. Running a test on the rule w/ a sample shows that the rule is working.

However, the message is never deleted; it's just marked as spam by Spamassassin. This suggests that messages hit Spamassassin before they make it to User Level Filtering and, further, that messages marked as spam (and, thus, moved to my spam folder) are never subsequently run through my User Level Filtering Rules.

But then I see the occasional message show up in Boxtrapper that has the ***SPAM*** tag at the beginning of the subject line (but it's rare).

Very confusing.

Can somebody explain to me this ordr of precedence?

SAFE email address now getting bouncebacks

automationsolutions 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
I sent an email to our accountant today (mskipper@bermco.com). We email back and forth quite often and is on my SAFE list...I checked. Just this afternoon, he tried to reply to an email I sent him and he got this message...

The remote server would not or could not accept the message.


JunkMail rejected...

Looks like it's spamcop.


Where to Report Spam?

clltd 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
Hello, I configured SpamAssassin and I was wondering if there is something I can do to help fight spam with all the emails it's catching. Can I report these unsolicited emails to Inmotion Hosting? If so how is the best way to do so?

Why isn't SpamAssassin's rewrite_header Subject working?

clltd 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
Hello, I enabled SpamAssassin and I want to filter Spam using the "rewrite_header Subject" tag but it's not working.

I followed the steps outlined in the cPanel Interface Help.

I'll post it below for anyone that isn't familiar with it.


Sorting spam with your email client

This is the preferred method of sorting and deleting spam messages. With SpamBox disabled, you can configure SpamAssassin to mark your email with an identifying subject (such as +++SPAM+++), which can then be used to filter each message into an appropriate location.

To do this, you must directly edit the SpamAssassin configuration file on the server, if your web host allows this. Its location is: /home/example/.spamassassin/user_prefs (where “example” stands for your cPanel username). Within this file, you must add a line formatted like this:

rewrite_header Subject +++SPAM(SCORE)+++

This will cause the subject line of a message marked as spam with a score of 6 to begin with +++SPAM(6)+++

You can then use cPanel’s Account Level Filtering feature to reroute messages based on their spam scores, as you desire.

Which has priority SpamBox or Account Level Filter?

clltd 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
Hello, I enabled SpamAssassin and also SpamBox. I also setup an Account Level Filter with the following RULE if "SpamBar contains +++++" then ACTION "Deliver to folder /domain/IT/.Junk".

What I hope will happen is that any Spam for all the users with a score of 5 or more will be delivered to the IT email "Junk" folder. Anything that has a score of less than 5 will be delivered into each individual "Spam" folder.

Then I thought, wait, which action has priority? If the Account Level Filter takes priority, then it should work like I want it to. But if the SpamBox setting takes priority, then ALL spam will be moved into each user's Spam folder therefore never reaching the Account Level Filter.

Does anyone know the answer to this?


Box trapper configuration not working

dmr139 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
I'm trying to set up box trapper on a couple of my e-mail addresses. When I log on to cpanel and go to box trapper then select manage next to the e-mail address I'm trying to work with.

Next I go to "edit white/black/ignore" then select any of the three ( white list, blacklist , or ignore list) I get the message "server not able to find document"

spam for request form

grandvilla 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
I have above page, but quite often, receiving spam via inmotionhosting.com, just wondering where they from, how to prevent them.

The following is a example email,

7:26 AM (14 hours ago)

to admin
First name: fqAwnhjPecxlBmDg
Last name: snpXZeJFxJK
Phone: EcpCulyVyF
E-mail: zmKrMFegDQhrWrZQH
Comments: Your cash is being counted lexapro online canada claims and some medical supply claims electronically on behalf of PSHCP plan members.



email virus coming from domain

Grady 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
I'm getting notice of virus on inmotionhosting.gwahlquist@diseasepreventionusa.com

get rid of phishing urls

cmh 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
i was notified by google that there are phishing urls within the inmotion-hosted website our society maintains, such as http://mail.asc-cybernetics.org/~thatsr5/sdang/wp-content/themes/sdangtheme/ebay/

where can i find and how can i remove these malicious urls? and how can i prevent them from recurring?

thanks for your help!

Configuring SpamAssassin to NOT prepend "***SPAM***" to subject

ChrisJScott 7 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
I'd like to modify my SpamAssassin config so that it doesn't automatically pre-pend "***SPAM***" to any messages IDed as spam (this is redundant because I'm already auto-filing them into the spam folder).

I THINK details of how to do this can be found here: http://spamassassin.apache.org/full/3.1.x/doc/Mail_SpamAssassin_Conf.html#basic_message_tagging_options