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Advice - website is slow

Storage 3 days ago in Technical Support / Shared Hosting updated by Arnel C (Content Marketing Coordinator) 2 days ago 1

I'm just after some advice, my website runs slow a lot and I was wondering how to determine if the issue is with: 

  1. The Wordpress theme that I use, 
  2. Is it because I'm located in Australia, along with all my targeted visitors
  3. Or do I need to upgrade my plan? I'm on the Launch Plan

I don't get a large amount of visitors but it is increasing so I'd like to figure this out.

My website is https://www.storageproviders.com.au/



Keeping a node server running on shared hosting

cmq 6 days ago in Technical Support / Shared Hosting updated by JT S. (Technical Writer) 5 days ago 1

It's understood that shared hosting doesn't support running a node server (see this post, for instance)

But it turns out you can install node / nvm and run a node server (using an ssh / terminal session) on a port of your choosing, and even use and .htaccess file to open that port to web access.

BUT... Keeping that server running after exiting the terminal session -- haven't figured that out yet.

I tried using pm2 with a crontab, to no avail.  Curious if anyone has any innovative ideas.


Hello and thanks for contacting us. There are tools such as GNU Screen that may help. Otherwise, you may be better off using a VPS or Cloud VPS (much cheaper).