Multiple Hosting Plans Under a Single Account

  • Answered
Lets say my first client wants to pay hosting for one year so I purchase a Launch Plan for one year. Then I later get other client that wants to pay for 3 years and will use domain and subdomain.
Launch Plan is limited to 2 websites, and Power Plan is not the solution I'm looking for since I dont only need to host multiple websites but I also need the hosting plans to be separate from each (because of the different purchase and renewal dates/lengths) and still be able to manage them from the same account.

Is it possible to manage multiple hosting plans under a single account?
I mean multiple hosting plans under the same account not multiple websites under the same hosting plan.
Tim S.
Good morning, I'd suggest looking into reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is an affordable way for you to manage and sell shared hosting packages to your customers. Let us know if you have any questions, we're happy to answer them. Thanks! Tim S Customer Community Manager