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This is my question

my-fb-user 7 years ago in Email / Email Client Setup 0
These are my question details.

here <a href='http://google.com'>dog</a>

inmoti6 7 years ago in Email / Email Client Setup 0
sadf < asdflksdaf oi

zencart email setup

kanyoo5 7 years ago in Email / Email Client Setup 0
Hi, I am trying to setup email in Zencart. Where do I find the required settings:
- E-Mail Transport Method
- SMTP Email Mail Host
- SMTP Email Mail Server Port

My domain is kanyoobags.com


How can I forward email to a Hotmail or Gmail account?

Doug Nienhuis 7 years ago in Email / Email Client Setup 0
I set up an email account for my blog. However, I have no idea how to use it. I read all the articles and watched all the videos, but I can't connect the dots somehow.

The easiest way to access my email from anywhere in the world seems to be to have email for my Inmotion email account forwarded to either Hotmail or Gmail.

But to do that, do I still have to set up an email client? I assume I have to use a Webmail client (like Squirrelmail), but I see no option to set up Squirrelmail or any other webmail client. When I follow the steps in the tutorial videos, I am given a list of Outlook Express options and that's all.

So, I don't understand how my email account, the email client, and the forwarding work together and what steps to follow to set them up. In the end, I can't figure out where the emails actually would go and how to access them.

Thanks for any help or hints!


How to make Outlook 2007 work with In Motion Hosting IMAP servers

S2Sailor 8 years ago in Email / Email Client Setup 0
Sirs, I am consistantly having problems wiht my Outlook 2007 login to the IMAP servers. I suspect that it is a setting issue on my side, because my Android phone seems to work with your IMAP servers correctly.
My current setting are:
inbound mail server = mail.'mydomainname'.com
SMTP server = mail.'mydomainname'.com
incoming port = 143
outbound port = 465
SSL is enabled
Outbound is to use same security setings as inbound.

I substituted "mydomainname" in place of my actual domain name in this message since it looked as if it may go public.

Normally I use a Verizon air card to connect to the internet, and I do not know if that is part of the problem, but previously with a Gmail account i was using IMAP with, I had no problems using this system.

Please let me know what I need to do to make this work. I do not have to have secured email at this time but would like to have that option in the future if need be.

My sent email does not sync with server

prakash 8 years ago in Email / Email Client Setup 0

I am using The Bat! email client. I have configured my email with imap setting provided by inmotionhosting.com. Every thing is fine but I have one problem. When I send new email, it does not sync with server. Please, help me.

How to create an email account in windows live mail

stevek 8 years ago in Email / Email Client Setup 0
Followed instructions for POP but not working

POP3 leave server messages unread

Raidoh 8 years ago in Email / Email Client Setup 0
I&#039;d like to use POP3 on an email client so I can have a local backup of my email that&#039;s always current. IMAP doesn&#039;t download the full message, so it won&#039;t work for this purpose without manual intervention and offline mode. However, POP3 is causing all messages to appear &quot;Read&quot; when I check them via my phone, webmail, or another client. I have set Thunderbird to leave the emails on the server, but how do I leave them marked Unread?


Should I set up my email on my PC or wait for my Mac?

Curious 8 years ago in Email / Email Client Setup 0
This is my first experience to create a website. I am currently using a Dell PC but I am planning on replacing it with a Mac computer. Would it be better to wait for the Mac before setting up my email account? I am not that computer savy, & have never used a Mac before.