What’s with the constant “Cannot Verify Server Identity” business?

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It’s popped up 15 times just while typing this.

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If you are on the Wifi network, try testing with the wifi disabled. If you are not on a wifi network, try connecting to one and testing again.


Hello Hayseed,

Apologies for the problem with the Cannot Verify Server Identity issue. There was an update to a server certificate that may have affected you.  I can't tell without knowing any domain specifics from you.  You should be able to re-connect to the server (to remove these errors) by doing the following:

  1. Go into Email settings in your email client (or device).  
  2. Change your them  to use the secure settings (or non-secure settings). Click here to see InMotion's Email settings.
  3. Save these settings 
  4. Change the settings one more time to your original settings. Save your settings and it should update and re-connect properly.

If you weren't using the secure settings to begin with, then you can simply change to the secure settings and it should work. It's possible that with the certificate renewal the email connections simply need to be refreshed.

If you continue to have identity problems, then please contact our live technical support team.  They have access to your server to troubleshoot the issue directly from the server if needed.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,

Arnel C.

Talked to CS this morning because email had this problem.  I was using Thunderbird.  He said it had to do with the server's SSL, which he redid and also gave me new server names and ports.  It worked fine for about 8 hours, now it's screwed again.  Can't even use their own webmail program.  Not getting the "Cannot Verify Server" in Thunderbird anymore.  Just won't let me in and asks for my passwords.

Yep, happening on all my devices and now on my computers as well.

Hi Damien,

Sorry for the email issues - please refer to my answer above. If you continue to have the identity issues when opening emails, then please contact our live technical support team.

My iPhone is going nuts!  :(

Hello John,

Sorry for iPhone issues.  Please refer to my answer above. If you continue to have the identity issues when opening emails, then please contact our live technical support team.

Same on my iPhone and iPad. I’ve got six different email accounts on my iPad hosted by Inmotion - all bouncing up with that message. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t using SSL on any of the accounts, so this message probably shouldn’t be happening. Instead of deleting and adding them back, I did change them all to SSL and the message stopped. 

Hello It.admin,

Thanks for your replay and your observation.  Once your email client was updated it would have stopped the identity issue. If you see the issue recur, please contact our live technical support team

I got that too on my iOS devices. I deleted and recreated my mail accounts and that fixed it.

I recreated them using the automatic script on the mail account settings page in cPanel, and that worked just fine.

Hello Futurshox,

Thanks for sharing your response and your actions to the issue.  Apologies for the problem.  Since you reset the connection, the certificate portion on your email client was reset so that the identity issue would be fixed.  If you see the issue happening again, please contact our live technical support team.