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How Can I Verify the Contact Information for My Domain?

rlake001 5 days ago in Customer Service / Domain Registration • updated 4 days ago 2

We recently transferred a domain to inmotion. It is now registered on tucows. I noticed that it is protected and I want to verify the technical and administrative contacts. How can I do this?


How do I register a domain with .ng?

I am Nigeria-based. I desire to have a domain name ending with ng. E.g. ajulu.com.ng


Hello Ajulu,

Thank you for contacting us about hosting a domain that ends in ".ng" While you can't register the domain through us, you can still host any website on our servers. I recommend registering the domain with a registrar that sells .ng URLs, then pointing to our Nameservers.

Thank you,



How can I cancel my hosting and keep my domain?

I have my domain with NameSilo but changed my hosting to y’all. NameSilo said I must cancel my domain to cancel my hosting what do I do