If the primary domain name served by another registrar expires, can we still access to the site using a secondary domain name managed by InMotion?

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The primary domain name of my web site, aaa.com, is managed by NetworksSolutions but I only have partial control on it (the account holder credentials have been lost). To take back the full control on this domain name, I have to let it expire and then rebuy it.

Assuming I have a secondary/packed domain name, aaa.club, managed by InMotion, once the primary domain name will be expired/in redemption state, will it still be possible to access to the site using its secondary domain name?

ie will the redirection from aaa.club to the web site be resolved internally?


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Thanks a lot for this very clear answer!

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Arnel C
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Hello Mlaumond,

Sorry for the issue with your primary domain and access to it.  The main issue here that you're dealing with is access to the hosting account with a domain name when using a domain name that you want to let expire.  First, let me caution you against letting a domain expire.  When you let a domain expire, it will immediately enter into something called a "redemption" period. This may vary depending on the domain registrar.  For example, you can see what domain redemption means with InMotion by reading What does it mean when a domain is in redemption?

A domain will not immediately fall into redemption when it expires.  It will have a grace period of around a month where you can still renew the subscription.  After that, it falls into redemption.  The main issue with redemption is that in order to get it back, you either pay a penalty fee that is typically much higher than the cost of the domain subscription.  Also, it may be around 100 days before the domain is "released to the wild."

So, my recommendation is that you first contact the domain registrar and see if you can work the missing credentials issue.  Most of them will work with you.  You can also file a grievance with ICANN- the governing body for domain registrars if they refused to work with you and you have a legitimate claim to the domain.  The information for accessing your domain through the domain registrar should be based on the administrative email, so as long as you can access that email, then you should be able to request that information from the registrar.  

Can you still access your primary website using the secondary domain?

It depends on what you mean by access.  If you are trying to see the website on the internet using the expired domain name, that won't work.  You cannot use the secondary domain name in its place without changing the existing website to USE that domain name.  

If you're trying to access the cPanel, or AMP, then you do have alternatives to get to it.  The Account Management Panel for the account does not use your domain for access.  You can still go to the InMotion Hosting home page and login through there.  You can then access the cPanel to get to your account through AMP.  

I hope this helps to answer your question!  Apologies for the long-winded reply. There were just a few things that needed to be mentioned. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.